Brożek twins double up at Wisła

Piotr Brożek told he "can only see pluses" in playing alongside his twin brother Paweł at Wisła Kraków, with both having scored in the UEFA Europa League last week.

Paweł and Piotr Brożek in training with Wisła
Paweł and Piotr Brożek in training with Wisła ©Cyfrasport

After becoming the first twin brothers to score a goal each in a UEFA Europa League game last week, Piotr Brożek told he "can only see pluses" in playing alongside identical sibling Paweł at Wisła Kraków.

FC Šiauliai were the victims of the 27-year-old Brożeks last Thursday; striker Paweł hit Wisła's opening second qualifying round goal 12 minutes from the end before left-sided defender cum midfielder Piotr made it 2-0 two minutes later. "We have scored in the same game twice in the Polish league," Piotr told ahead of Thursday's return leg. "But never as fast as we did in Lithuania."

Paweł, who like his brother played for Polonia Białogon Kielce and SMS Zabrze before joining Wisła in 1998, added: "As schoolboys, we both played as forwards so we scored in pretty much every match. However, at senior level Piotr has played more as a defender. That's why I am so happy we managed to do this in Europe."

Piotr is five minutes older than his twin – "at least that is what our mum told us" – but they have always considered themselves equals. Paweł said with a twinkle in his eye: "As boys we sometimes fought for hours, but of course it was just kids' stuff, nothing serious. We are not only brothers, we are friends."

The fact they have similar interests has cemented those bonds. They follow the same football teams, meaning there are rarely any battles over the remote control on nights off. "We are Barcelona, Manchester United and AC Milan fans," said Piotr. "That's why there are no quarrels when we watch football on TV."

Playing together has never been a chore either. "I can only see pluses," explained Piotr. "I know I can always rely on my brother on and off the field." Paweł concurred with a smile: "We have known each other for quite a long time. That helps on the pitch as we have played together from the start. We know exactly what the other will do."

They cannot predict Wisła's future, yet having missed out on the 2010 title to Lech Poznań the Brożeks know achieving the club's goals of domestic glory and a UEFA Europa League group stage place will be tough. "We are here to help Wisła," concluded Paweł. "If we both score again, that would just be a bonus for the family."