Women's EURO 2017 schedule announced

The match schedule for UEFA Women's EURO 2017 has been announced, with hosts Netherlands opening in Utrecht on 16 July and the final in Enschede on 6 August.

Utrecht's Stadion Galgenwaard will stage the opening game
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The match schedule for UEFA Women's EURO 2017 in the Netherlands has been announced, with the hosts opening the tournament in Utrecht on 16 July and the final played at the FC Twente Stadion in Enschede on 6 August.

For the first time, 16 teams will take part in the final tournament, up from 12 in 2013, with qualifying in progress until October 2016. The nations will be drawn into four groups of four, with the top two in each reaching the knockout phase.

The Netherlands will be in Group A, playing group games in Utrecht, Rotterdam and Tilburg. Each team will play their three group games in three different venues, with cities staging at least one game from each group and a knockout match except for Enschede, which only hosts a semi-final and the final.

In all, seven venues host the 31 matches: Utrecht (Stadion Galgenwaard), Doetinchem (Stadion De Vijverberg), Rotterdam (Sparta Stadion), Breda (Rat Verlegh Stadion), Tilburg (Willem II Stadion), Deventer (Stadion De Adelaarshorst) and Enschede (FC Twente Stadion).

Group stage:
Match one
Sunday 16 July: Netherlands v A2 (Utrecht), A3 v A4 (Doetinchem)
Monday 17 July: B1 v B2 (Breda), B3 v B4 (Rotterdam)
Tuesday 18 July: C1 v C2 (Tilburg), C3 v C4 (Deventer)
Wednesday 19 July: D1 v D2 (Utrecht), D3 v D3 (Doetinchem)

Match two
Thursday 20 July: Netherlands v A3 (Rotterdam), A2 v A4 (Breda)
Friday 21 July: B1 v B3 (Tilburg), B2 v B4 (Deventer)
Saturday 22 July: C1 v C3 (Utrecht), C2 v C4 (Doetinchem)
Sunday 23 July: D1 v D3 (Breda), D2 v D4 (Rotterdam)

Match three
Monday 24 July: A4 v Netherlands (Tilburg), A2 v A3 (Deventer)
Tuesday 25 July: B4 v B1 (Utrecht), B2 v B3 (Doetinchem)
Wednesday 26 July: C4 v C1 (Breda), C2 v C3 (Rotterdam)
Thursday 27 July: D4 v D1 (Tilburg), D2 v D3 (Deventer)

Saturday 29 July: Winner A v Runner-up B (QF1, Doetinchem), Winner B v Runner-up A (QF2, Rotterdam)
Sunday 30 July: Winner C v Runner-up D (QF3, Tilburg), Winner D v Runner-up C (QF4, Deventer)

Thursday 3 August: QF1 v QF4 (Enschede), QF2 v QF3 (Breda)

Sunday 6 August (Enschede)