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Women's EURO 2021 provisional schedule

The provisional schedule has England kicking off the tournament at Old Trafford on 7 July 2021, with the final at Wembley on 1 August.

Wembley will stage the final on 1 August 2021
Wembley will stage the final on 1 August 2021 Joanne Davidson for The FA

The provisional schedule for UEFA Women's EURO 2021 in England has been announced, with the hosts kicking off the finals at Old Trafford on 7 July and the final at Wembley on 1 August.

England will be joined by 15 other nations, with qualifying running until October 2020. The hosts will be in Group A, and after starting at Old Trafford, the section will move to the south coast, with both Brighton & Hove and Southampton welcoming England once.

Group B will be played in Milton Keynes and at the new Brentford stadium in west London, with Group C at Sheffield United's ground and Leigh Sports Village. Group D is also split between Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, at Rotherham and Manchester City Academy Stadium.

The top two teams in each group progress to the quarter-finals, now played on consecutive days from 21 to 24 July, respectively at Brighton & Hove, Brentford, Wigan & Leigh and Rotherham. The first semi-final is on 27 July in Sheffield, with Milton Keynes staging the other the next day. The trophy will be lifted at Wembley, where more than 80,000 fans watched the 2012 Olympic women's football gold-medal match, the European record for a female international.

The draw will be held in England on 6 November. Kick-off times will be announced at a later date.



Brighton & Hove (Brighton & Hove Community Stadium)
London (Brentford Community Stadium & Wembley Stadium – final only)
Manchester (Manchester City Academy Stadium)
Milton Keynes (Stadium MK)
Rotherham (New York Stadium)
Sheffield (Bramall Lane)
Southampton (St Mary's Stadium)
Trafford (Old Trafford – opening game)
Wigan & Leigh (Leigh Sports Village)

Match schedule: kick-off times tbc

Group stage:

Match one
Wednesday 7 July: England v A2 (Old Trafford)
Thursday 8 July: A3 v A4 (Southampton)
Friday 9 July: B1 v B2 (Milton Keynes), B3 v B4 (Brentford)
Saturday 10 July: C1 v C2 (Sheffield), C3 v C4 (Wigan & Leigh)
Sunday 11 July: D1 v D2 (Rotherham), D3 v D4 (Manchester)

Match two
Monday 12 July: England v A3 (Brighton & Hove), A2 v A4 (Southampton)
Tuesday 13 July: B1 v B3 (Brentford), B2 v B4 (Milton Keynes)
Wednesday 14 July: C1 v C3 (Wigan & Leigh), C2 v C4 (Sheffield)
Thursday 15 July: D1 v D3 (Manchester), D2 v D4 (Rotherham)

Match three
Friday 16 July: A4 v England (Southampton), A2 v A3 (Brighton & Hove)
Saturday 17 July: B4 v B1 (Milton Keynes), B2 v B3 (Brentford)
Sunday 18 July: C4 v C1 (Sheffield), C2 v C3 (Wigan & Leigh)
Monday 19 July: D4 v D1 (Rotherham), D2 v D3 (Manchester)

Knockout phase

Wednesday 21 July: QF1 – Winner Group A v Runner-up Group B (Brighton & Hove)
Thursday 22 July: QF2 – Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A (Brentford)
Friday 23 July: QF3 – Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D (Wigan & Leigh)
Saturday 24 July: QF4 – Winner Group D v Runner-up Group C (Rotherham)

Tuesday 27 July: SF1 – Winner QF3 v Winner QF1 (Sheffield)
Wednesday 28 July: SF2 – Winner QF4 v Winner QF2 (Milton Keynes)

Saturday 1 August: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (Wembley)