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Spain win 2024 Women's U17 EURO: At a glance

Spain ended a run of two straight final defeats by completing a perfect campaign to become champions in Sweden.

Champions Spain scored 15 goals in their final three matches of the tournament
Champions Spain scored 15 goals in their final three matches of the tournament UEFA via Sportsfile

Spain won a fifth UEFA European Women's Under-17 Championship title, continuing their flawless qualifying record to reach a record 11th final in which the world champions beat England 4-0 in Sweden.

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How the contenders did

Winners: Spain
Runners-up: England
Also qualified for FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup: Poland
Also reached semi-finals:
Group stage: Belgium, Norway, Portugal, Sweden (hosts)

Top scorers

Final tournament

7 Alba Cerrato (Spain)
5 Celia Segura (Spain)
4 Rachael Adedini (France)

3 Lua Calo (Spain)
3 Ainoa Gómez (Spain)
3 Isabella Fisher (England)
3 Justine Rouquet (France)

2 Oliwia Zwiazek (Poland)
2 Lola Brown (England)
2 Mymithye Bironien (France)
2 Felicia Schröder (Sweden)

Season (including qualifiers)

17 Alba Cerrato (Spain)
10 Denny Draper (England)

9 Tina Krassnig (Austria)
9 Celia Segura (Spain)

8 Ainoa Gómez (Spain)
8 Vera Jones (England)
8 Oliwia Zwiazek (Poland)

7 Isabella Fisher (England)
7 Jelena Todoshchenko (Finland)

2024 Women's U17 EURO top five goals

Player of the tournament

Alba Cerrato (Spain)

Team of the tournament

Goalkeeper: Julia Woźniak (Poland)
: Nelly Las (England)
Defender: Cecily Wellesley-Smith (England)
Defender: Amaya (Spain)
Defender: Aiara Aguirrezabala (Spain)
Midfielder: Weronika Araśniewicz (Poland)
Midfielder: Anaïs Ebayilin (France)
Midfielder: Ainoa Gómez (Spain)
Forward: Celia Segura (Spain)
Forward: Alba Cerrato (Spain)
Forward: Lola Brown (England)

Final highlights: England 0-4 Spain


  • Spain are the first team to win all five games in a WU17 EURO final tournament in regulation time since the group stage was introduced in 2013/14.
  • Spain are the first team to go through a WU17 EURO season with 11 wins out of 11 in regulation time; in 2021/22, Germany won their first ten games but beat Spain in the final on penalties, and in both 2021/22 and 2022/23 Spain got to the final with a perfect record before defeat.
  • England were the ninth different nation to reach the final.
  • Spain reached a record 11th final, two ahead of Germany.
  • Spain also reached a record 13th semi-final, one ahead of Germany.
  • Spain kept up their record of never failing to get past the group stage since the round was introduced in 2013/14.
Semi-final highlights: Spain 6-1 France

All the results


England 0-4 Spain (Malmö)

World Cup play-off 

Poland 2-2 France (4-2pens) (Lund)


England 2-0 Poland (Malmö)
Spain 6-1 France (Lund)

Semi-final highlights: England 2-0 Poland

Group stage

Matchday 3

Group A
Norway 2-0 Sweden (Malmö)
France 0-1 England (Lund)

Group B
Portugal 1-1 Poland (Malmö)
Belgium 0-5 Spain (Lund)

Matchday 2

Group A
Norway 0-8 France (Malmö)
Sweden 1-5 England (Lund)

Highlights: Norway 0-8 France

Group B
Belgium 0-1 Portugal (Malmö)
Spain 1-0 Poland (Lund)

Matchday 1

Group A
England 3-0 Norway (Lund)
Sweden 2-3 France (Malmö)

Group B
Poland 1-0 Belgium (Lund)
Spain 3-0 Portugal (Malmö)

Champions roll of honour

Eight-team tournament (hosts)
2023/24: Spain (Sweden)
2022/23: France (Estonia)
2021/22: Germany (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
2019/20 & 2020/21: No final tournament
2018/19: Germany (Bulgaria)
2017/18: Spain (Lithuania)
2016/17: Germany (Czechia)
2015/16: Germany (Belarus)
2014/15: Spain (Iceland)
2013/14: Germany (England)
Four-team tournament in Nyon
2012/13: Poland
2011/12: Germany
2010/11: Spain
2009/10: Spain
2008/09: Germany
2007/08: Germany

Watch Spain lift the WU17 EURO trophy

Germany 8
Spain 5
France 1
Poland 1

Final appearances:
Spain 11
Germany 9
France 4
England 1
Netherlands 1
Poland 1
Republic of Ireland 1
Sweden 1
Switzerland 1

Semi-final appearances:
Spain 13
Germany 12
France 8
England 6Netherlands 4
Norway 3
Switzerland 3
Denmark 2
Poland 2
Belgium 1
Finland 1
Iceland 1
Italy 1
Portugal 1
Republic of Ireland 1
Sweden 1

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