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UEFA HatTrick


Our HatTrick programme redistributes two-thirds of the revenue from the men's UEFA European Championships to our member associations for investment in football development projects.

HatTrick funding contributed to  Albania's new national stadium in Tirana, which hosted the 2022 UEFA Conference League final.
HatTrick funding contributed to Albania's new national stadium in Tirana, which hosted the 2022 UEFA Conference League final. UEFA via Getty Images


We created HatTrick in 2004 to redistribute revenue from the men's EURO to each of our member associations for reinvestment in long-term football development projects. These include building football infrastructure such as national stadiums, training centres and pitches, or implementing a range of UEFA standards and initiatives: anti-match fixing, coaching, club licensing, elite youth player development, grassroots and women's football, good governance, refereeing and social responsibility.

Renewed every four years to align with the frequency of our men's European Championship final tournaments, the programme has evolved into one of the largest solidarity and development initiatives in sport. Reinvesting an average of 60% of our income from each EURO across European football, HatTrick is one of the most important drivers of UEFA's not-for-profit mission.

Often, HatTrick funding acts as a catalyst, attracting additional funds from private and/or public sector organisations.

Initially, HatTrick also funded education and knowledge-sharing activities. But since 2019, the UEFA Academy has taken on this role, offering educational programmes tailored for administrators, players and specialists developing their football careers.

HatTrick numbers

In keeping with the principles of the European sports model, we reinvest as much as possible of the revenue generated by our flagship competitions into developing the game at all levels – from the grassroots up.

HatTrick accounts for a significant proportion of this funding: by the end of its fifth four-year cycle in June 2024, the programme will have channelled a cumulative total of €2.6 billion into development activities.

This commitment will be strengthened further with the HatTrick VI cycle, which will redistribute EURO 2024 income and foresees a substantial increase in the level of funding. Its total budget of €935 million – 66% of the EURO's projected income –represents a 21% increase on the previous cycle.

From July 2024 to June 2028, each of our member associations is eligible to receive up to €17 million. By 2028, we will have invested €3.5 billion back into the European game's development through HatTrick.

Watch: how UEFA HatTrick develops European football

How HatTrick works

HatTrick redistributes men’s EURO net earnings to European national associations in three ways:

Investment funding for each association every four years to allocate according to strategic priorities. Each application for funding is evaluated by our HatTrick Committee. If approved, we establish agreements, and then monitor and support the roll-out of associations' projects.

Annual solidarity payment to help cover association running costs (€1m).

Annual incentive payments: each association is eligible for incentive payments (up to €2m per season) to implement the following UEFA initiatives and standards:

  • Participation in UEFA youth, women’s, futsal and amateur competitions (€250,000 per season)
  • UEFA club licensing and monitoring system (€250,000)
  • Good governance (€250,000)
  • UEFA grassroots programme (€250,000)
  • UEFA women’s football development programme (€300,000)
  • UEFA coaching convention (up to €100,000)
  • UEFA referee convention (€100,000)
  • UEFA elite youth player development programme (€150,000)
  • UEFA social and environmental responsibility programme (€125,000)
  • National team travel expenses (€150,000)
  • Anti-match-fixing and integrity activities (€75,000)

"HatTrick is aimed at supporting associations to foster football at all levels."

Karl-Erik Nilsson, chair of the UEFA HatTrick Committee


The secret of HatTrick's longevity and success lies in its constant evolution to adapt to the pace of change in European football. Before the start of each four-year HatTrick funding cycle, we collect feedback from across the football community. The sixth HatTrick programme reflects an extensive consultation process with all our member associations and stakeholders.


Not every member association can participate in the European Championship finals but, in the long term, HatTrick ensures all 55 are winners. By the end of the programme's fifth four-year cycle in June 2024, we will have invested a cumulative total of €2.6 billion in more than 1,000 football development activities.

A HatTrick-funded artificial pitch in Norway
A HatTrick-funded artificial pitch in Norway©NFF

Investment projects

  • More than 1,000 pitches and 3,000 mini-pitches built to ensure everyone can play the beautiful game regardless of where they live.
  • 34 national training centres developed to prepare players, coaches and referees.
  • Over 60% of Europe's national stadiums either modernised or constructed, improving player and spectator safety and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Development and incentive schemes

  • UEFA's elite youth player development programme has funded more than 400 projects.
  • Over 700 projects supported through the UEFA women's football development programme, creating more opportunities for girls and women to play football.
  • More than 650 social and environmental projects rolled out across Europe.

Added value

  • HatTrick's impact stretches far beyond the playing field. Our investment is supplemented by associations, clubs, governments and local authorities.

COVID-19 pandemic

It is a measure of HatTrick’s importance to European football that, as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic brought the game to a temporary halt in 2020, we quickly reassured all associations that UEFA would honour its four-year HatTrick commitments.

To help our members cope with the unprecedented financial hit, we anticipated the release of €236.5 million in HatTrick funds and allowed associations to determine for themselves how best to invest these payments to protect their national game.

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