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Committees & panels

Committees & panels
A meeting of UEFA's Club Licensing Committee at the House of European Football in Nyon ©UEFA


Nineteen committees are involved in shaping UEFA's policy across the broad palette of European football.

The committees discuss issues ranging from medical matters and players' status/transfers to refereeing, finance and the UEFA competitions, and submit advice, proposals and recommendations to UEFA's Executive Committee, which may also delegate some of its duties to a committee.

Members of the committees and expert panels are appointed for a duration of four years.


The UEFA Media Committee, chaired by Servet Yardımcı

Composition, representation and chairman
Unless stipulated otherwise, the UEFA committees are composed of:

  • A chairman
  • A deputy chairman
  • The number of vice-chairmen and ordinary members deemed necessary for the committees to function properly (including representatives of the various stakeholders in European football according to the specific agreements concluded by UEFA with the latter)

The Executive Committee may co-opt additional members (without voting rights) to a committee, if necessary. A UEFA member association cannot be represented by more than one member on a given committee (with the exception of any co-opted members). Every UEFA member association has at least two representatives on the overall number of UEFA committees.

In the absence of the chairman, or in the event that he is not entitled to participate in a meeting or part of a meeting due to a conflict of interest, the deputy chairman replaces him. If, for any of the same reasons, the deputy chairman cannot replace the chairman, the highest-ranked available vice-chairman does so.

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UEFA's Executive Committee decided to introduce goal-line technology in 2016

UEFA's standing committees are:

  • National Associations Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Referees Committee
  • National Team Competitions Committee
  • Club Competitions Committee
  • Youth and Amateur Football Committee
  • Women's Football Committee
  • Futsal and Beach Soccer Committee
  • HatTrick Committee
  • Development and Technical Assistance Committee
  • Club Licensing Committee
  • Stadium and Security Committee
  • Medical Committee
  • Players' Status, Transfer and Agents and Match Agents Committee
  • Legal Committee
  • Marketing Advisory Committee
  • Media Committee
  • Fair Play and Social Responsibility Committee
  • Football Committee

Expert panels
The expert panels are composed of a chairman, vice-chairman and the number of ordinary members deemed necessary for the panels to function properly.

Members of expert panels must meet the following criteria:

  • Be under 70 years of age
  • Have specific expertise and know-how in the corresponding field
  • Have good knowledge of one of UEFA's official languages (oral and written skills)

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UEFA releases an annual club licensing benchmarking report

Composition, representation and chairman
The chairman and vice-chairman of each expert panel are appointed by the Executive Committee. In the absence of the chairman or in the event that he is not entitled to participate in a meeting or part of a meeting due to a conflict of interest, the vice-chairman replaces him. If, for any of the same reasons, the vice-chairman cannot replace the chairman, the members present appoint an ad hoc chairman at the beginning of the meeting. The chairman reports regularly on the work of the panel to the chairman of the committee(s) that the panel is supporting.

UEFA's expert panels:

  • Administrative Expert Panel
  • Anti-Doping Panel
  • Grassroots Football Panel
  • Jira Panel
  • Referee Convention Panel
  • Stadium Construction and Management Panel

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