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Latest opportunities

JobDivisionCompanyCountryCityStart datePublished
Ticketing Operations CoordinatorRevenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-06-012019-02-14
EURO 2020 International Sales ConsultantRevenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-05-012019-02-14
ICT Infrastructure Operations SpecialistServicesUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-04-012019-02-12
Ticketing Project CoordinatorRevenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-04-012019-02-12
Senior ICT Business PartnerServicesUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-04-012019-02-12
Management AssistantRevenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-04-012019-02-11
HB Live Production &Operations CoordinatorMarketingUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012019-02-05
EURO 2020 Protocol OfficerOperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-07-012019-02-05
HR AssistantServicesUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-01-072019-02-05
Commercial Operations InternOperationsUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-02-152019-02-01
EURO 2020 Staff Travel CoordinatorOperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-06-032019-02-01
EURO 2020 Pre-match & Fantertainement CoordinatorOperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-07-012019-02-01
Innovation Strategy InternFinancial Sustainability & ResearchUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-02-152019-02-01
EURO 2020 Venue Configuration AssistantRevenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-06-012019-01-31
EURO 2020 Hospitality Administration CoordinatorRevenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012019-01-31
Football Education ManagerFootballUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-02-012019-01-30
Venue Operations InternOperationsUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-01-072019-01-24
National Associations Business Development InternNational AssociationsUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-02-152019-01-23
EURO 2020 Guest Services Training CoordinatorOperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-06-012019-01-22
EURO 2020 VIP Ticketing AssistantOperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-08-012019-01-22
EURO 2020 Venue Technical ManagerOperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-11-012019-01-17
EURO 2020 Technical Services & Overlay CoordinatorOperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012019-01-16
Brand Production InternOperationsUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-02-012019-01-14
Signage CoordinatorOperationsUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012019-01-11
Commercial Operations SpecialistOperationsUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012019-01-11
ICT TrainerServicesUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012019-01-10
EURO 2020 TV Production CoordinatorMarketingEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012019-01-09
Event Workforce CoordinatorCEO OfficeEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012018-12-20
Team AssistantOperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-05-012018-12-20
EURO 2020 Accreditation Operations CoordinatorOperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-04-012018-12-18
EURO 2020 Hospitality Production CoordinatorRevenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012018-12-07
Business AnalystServicesEUROSwitzerlandNyon2018-11-012018-12-05
EURO 2020 IT Admin Assistant (Hospitality)Revenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012018-12-04
EURO 2020 Venue ManagerOperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-11-012018-11-30
EURO 2020 Digital Solutions CoordinatorMarketingEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-04-012018-11-30
EURO 2020 Hospitality Production Coordinator (Catering)Revenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012018-11-30
EURO 2020 Hospitality Production Coordinator (Events)Revenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-04-012018-11-30
Hospitality Production CoordinatorRevenue OperationsUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-01-072018-11-28
Access Control System SpecialistRevenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-01-072018-11-22
Marketing BI & Data Analytics ExpertMarketingUEFASwitzerlandNyon2019-01-012018-11-20
Motion Graphics Design AssistantMarketingEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-01-072018-11-08
EURO 2020 FANTV ProducerMarketingEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-01-072018-11-07
EURO 2020 Ticketing Account ManagerRevenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012018-11-05
EURO 2020 Ticketing Account CoordinatorRevenue OperationsEUROSwitzerlandNyon2019-03-012018-11-05


Where do you see yourself at UEFA?

  • Revenue operations

    Revenue operations

    UEFA's Revenue Operations team consists of five units.

    Hospitality programmes are devised and implemented for VIP, sponsors and corporate guests, sales of hospitality packages carried out, ticketing operations and ticketing and hospitality solutions delivered and sponsors’ rights are delivered by the Rights delivery team.

    If you have a proven track record in delivering revenue operations, perhaps your next team will be UEFA…

  • Commercial operations

    Commercial operations

    All of the matches that you see in UEFA's major competitions come with the need to deliver commercial rights on sites. Wherever matches are played in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, our commercial operations team implements the rights at the stadium including site visits, season planning, preparation and documentation and then – delivery.

    Would you relish the opportunity to be at the heart of the action, delivering to valued partners and stakeholders? If so, then a role in our Commercial Operations team could be for you…

  • Information communications and technology (ICT)

    Information communications and technology (ICT)

    We are looking for talented ICT specialists to make football a success on and off the pitch.

    In fact, ICT is one of our largest units, and a critical one, providing a wide range of services from infrastructure and technology at UEFA EURO, to developing innovative mobile applications and technology solutions.

    Do you have ICT expertise? This is what we are after. You don’t need to be a football specialist, to be an expert in your field.

  • Communications


    Communicating the best of European football and the optimum conditions for the sport’s development is a job to relish: are you up to the task?

    We are looking for communications experts to provide a wide range of services to the organisation, from corporate communications and building campaigns to strengthening editorial on digital platforms and proactive public relations.

    Can you get your messages across to significant global audiences? That is what we’re looking for.


  • TV and video production

    TV and video production

    The vast majority of fans around the world consume football through television.

    UEFA's TV and video production team ensures that the best technology is used to send those images worldwide by liaising closely with broadcasters around the world as well as shooting and editing the video that captures the essence of this proactive and dynamic organisation on a regular basis.

    Do you have what it takes to deliver Europe's top football to billions of fans around the world? Or produce video to engage with key stakeholders? Then UEFA could be the next line on your CV…

  • Refereeing services

    Refereeing services

    Without a referee, there can be no game so UEFA needs not only to train and educate male and female officials but also provide a platform for their development.

    The refereeing services team provides the support for the sustainable development of officials across Europe and ensures the conditions for optimum performance in major competitions and tournaments.

    If you have expertise, you could be blowing the whistle to kick off your career with us

  • Marketing


    The UEFA Marketing division's main objective is to further build UEFA’s assets and create value from the exploitation of our competition rights on a long term and short term basis.

    This is done through a consistent brand management, contribution to the development of competition formats, optimization of TV distribution and the search for the best partners for our competitions and tournaments.

    Do you have Marketing expertise? Recognise the values above in your own career? If so, then a place in our marketing team could be for you

  • National associations development

    National associations development

    Football is an ever-evolving sport and whilst all you need to play the game is a ball, the foundations for sustainable development need to be much more solid.

    We work with our national associations on understanding the different needs that they have based on social conditions, infrastructure and even climate, to make sure they can continue to grow football so that it can get better and better for many years to come.

    Do you have experience in developing sport? You could be a great asset to UEFA.