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Will you rule the Cristiano Ronaldo quiz?

As part of a series of UEFA Champions League videos to provide an entertaining test for children learning at home, we bring a quiz on Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo

Will you rule the Cristiano Ronaldo quiz?
Will you rule the Cristiano Ronaldo quiz? ©UEFA.com

All over the world, parents and teachers are juggling home schooling with home working. Children are e-learning, with no chance to kick a ball with friends in the playground.

To give everyone a daily break from teaching and studying in isolation, and ensure that daily football fix is satisfied, the UEFA Foundation has devised a series of fun quizzes for children, focused on UEFA’s club competitions.

This one is all about one of the world’s best players – Cristiano Ronaldo. How much do you know about the Juventus man?

All you need to do is watch the video above, enjoy Ronaldo’s goals and then answer a series of questions, with some research on UEFA.com certain to provide the answers to some of those tougher teasers.

The exercise is designed for 6–12-year-olds, but adults can join in and enjoy the fun too!

Ready? Enjoy the video above and then answer the following questions. The answers are at the bottom of the page. 

1. In the video, what fraction of Ronaldo’s goals are headers?

A One third

B Two thirds

C Three quarters 

2. Which of the goals is scored in his team’s grey away kit?

A First

B Second

C Third 

3. The flag to the right (or below if you are reading on mobile) represents Ronaldo's home country – what is it?

The flag of Ronaldo's home nation
The flag of Ronaldo's home nation©UEFA.com

A France

B Portugal

C Spain 

4. Which year did Ronaldo lead his country to win the UEFA European Championship?

A 2008

B 2012

C 2016 

5.Ronaldo was born on 5 February 1984. He played his first match for his country on 20 August 2003. How old was he that day?

A 17

B 18

C 19 

HALF-TIME: Just for fun, watch the video again and decide which one is your favourite goal. Can you recreate it or draw it? 

6. Take a look at this link. Which of these teams has Ronaldo not scored against in the UEFA Champions League?

A AC Milan

B Ajax

C Barcelona 

7. Staying with the same link, which team has Ronaldo played against the most in the Champions League?

A Liverpool

B Lyon

C Marseille 

8. Ronaldo has also played for teams in Lisbon, Madrid and Manchester. Which of those cities is not a capital city?

A Lisbon

B Madrid

C Manchester 

Ronaldo celebrates a goal for Juventus
Ronaldo celebrates a goal for Juventus©UEFA.com

9. Can you find out how many times Ronaldo has won the Champions League?

A 4

B 5

C 6 

10. Finally, watch the video one more time. Can you see which number Ronaldo wears on his shirt?

A 7

B 9

C 10 

Want the answers now? Keep scrolling...!





1 A

2 A

3 B

4 B

5 C

6 B

7 C

8 C

9 B

10 A 

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