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New 'Champions Teachers' lessons available now

Looking for online learning resources to educate and entertain children aged six to 12? Try our e-dictation lessons read by European players and coaches.


All over the world, parents and teachers are juggling home schooling with home working. Children are e-learning, with no chance to kick a ball with friends in the playground. To give everyone a daily  break from teaching and studying in isolation, the UEFA Foundation for Children has invited some of European football's top players and coaches to become a Champions Teacher.

Stars like Belgium’s Spanish coach Roberto Martinez, UEFA Chief of Women’s Football and former Ballon D’Or winner Nadine Kessler, Astana midfielder Abai Zhunussov and Qarabag’s Azerbaijani midfielder Gara Garayev can help put a smile on children's faces with personal takes on the oldest lesson in the school exercise book: dictation.

The exercise is designed for 6–12-year-olds, with these four lessons available in Spanish, Kazakh, English and Azeri. Links at the bottom of the page can direct to other lessons in other languages.

Children simply need to grab a pen and paper, pick a video, then write (or type) as the Champions Teacher reads a short excerpt from their favourite children's book or poem. To check results, download the PDF of the full text.


Age: 46
Nationality: Spanish
Position: Midfielder  
Current team: Belgium
Former teams: Real Zaragoza, Balaguer, Wigan Athletic, Motherwell, Walsall, Swansea City, Chester City
Length: 6:21
Language: Spanish
Download text


Age: 32
Nationality: German  
Position: Midfielder
Current team: UEFA
Former teams: FC Saarbrücken, FFC Turbine Potsdam, VfL Wolfsburg      
Length: 1:59
Language: English
Download text


Age: 25
Nationality: Kazakh
Position: Midfielder
Current team: Astana
Length: 2:10
Language: Kazakh
Download text


Age: 27
Nationality: Azeri   
Position: Midfielder
Current team: Qarabag
Length: 5:25
Language: Azeri
Download text

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The UEFA Foundation would like to thank all the footballers and coaches who have taken on the role of Champions Teacher to help put a smile on the faces of children. If you have any questions about the initiative, please email