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Fischer enjoys her goalscoring glory

Sweden defender Nilla Fischer does not expect to remain top scorer at UEFA Women's EURO 2013 for long but is determined to enjoy her status while it lasts after her double against Finland.

Fischer enjoys her goalscoring glory
Fischer enjoys her goalscoring glory ©UEFA.com

Sweden centre-back Nilla Fischer is the surprise leading scorer at UEFA Women's EURO 2013 after scoring twice in the 5-0 defeat of Finland. She was also on target against Denmark but believes her position at the top of the tree will only survive "a day or two".

Kosovare Asllani said it was a "fun" game from the hosts' point of view and added that the key was the Blågult taking control early on. Not surprisingly, Finland's Anna Westerlund and Annika Kukkonen were far more subdued in their assessment.

Nilla Fischer, Sweden defender and player of the match
It's two headers and one rebound [for me]. That's my only opportunity to score, from free-kicks or corners. The most important thing is that the team is playing well and we are winning, but, of course, it is very nice being top scorer at the moment. I will try to enjoy this for a day or two, after that some other player will probably have scored more goals than me.

We played very well from the first minute. Finland couldn't handle our speed. We were tough physically and we know what to do inside the penalty area. All in all, it was a very good game and the crowd was amazing.

We ran much more [than against Denmark]. We also found more space and were able to control the ball for a longer period of time, things that allow the defence to have a rest. We also won the ball much higher up the pitch and this gave us thrust in our attacks.

Kosovare Asllani, Sweden forward
We took control early on, much sooner than in the first game. We found space in front of their defensive line and we scored from our chances. It feels good that we scored so many goals. I usually never score with my head and I also assisted Lotta [Schelin] and Nilla. It was fun playing tonight. I twisted my foot, but it was pure precaution [being substituted].

Anna Westerlund, Finland defender
They scored five times, they were the better team. Our coaches did a good job – they did what they could and it was not their fault that we lost. Sweden were better then us and that's all there is to it.

There are always matches when you are facing a better team. We could not have done anything differently, we would still have lost. We tried to turn the game around and to find space, but they were better and they showed it. Right now I am disappointed because we lost, but tomorrow I will start thinking about the Denmark game.

Annika Kukkonen, Finland midfielder
Obviously, Sweden were the better team. The have a high FIFA ranking. Right now, I am disappointed. They scored a few goals from corners. We should have been more aggressive.

We did what we could. It is really difficult to say what else we could have done. It was cool to play in front of a full stadium, really nice. There was a lot of people from Finland as well, it felt good.

We need to analyse this game first and then think about the next one. There aren't that many days until that game, but right now it is difficult to say anything about Denmark.

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