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Building the future of women's football in Switzerland with UEFA Playmakers

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The popularity of women's football is increasing in Switzerland, with initiatives like UEFA Playmakers encouraging girls to develop a passion for the beautiful game.

UEFA Playmakers local session  in Nyon, Switzerland.
UEFA Playmakers local session in Nyon, Switzerland. UEFA via Getty Images

Earlier this month, Switzerland has been selected to host the upcoming UEFA Women's EURO in 2025, where 16 of the top European teams and players will compete for the prestigious title of European Champions. The tournament is expected to boost the development of women's football in Switzerland and abroad, benefiting both spectators and players, much like it did in England during the 2022 edition.

Summer 2025 in Switzerland

Boosting girls’ participation from a young age

UEFA Playmakers local session in Nyon, Switzerland.
UEFA Playmakers local session in Nyon, Switzerland.UEFA via Getty Images

Although the UEFA Women's EURO is set to offer a month-long celebration of football and serve as an inspiration to women and girls throughout Switzerland, remarkable efforts have already been underway to develop the women’s game at a local level. One such initiative, the UEFA Playmakers programme, has been running successfully in Switzerland since April 2021 and is breaking new ground by encouraging young girls to fall in love with football.

Playmakers can be found in 44 National Associations all over Europe, with over 55,000 girls aged from five to eight having taken part in the programme.

Nadine Kessler, UEFA’s managing director of women’s football

“We need to ensure our investment and programmes support every level of the football pyramid. From a grassroots perspective, our Playmakers programme has been very successful. It's incredible to see how many girls have responded to a little bit of Disney magic.”

To date, over 700 girls have participated in Playmakers sessions across Switzerland. The programme is incredibly popular, with over 93% of parents strongly agreeing that they would recommend the programme to friends and family. 96% of parents said their daughters had enjoyed the sessions.

Playmakers isn’t just popular among parents and girls: coaches appreciate the programme too and it often triggers their interest in the women’s game and coaching in general. 114 coaches have conducted Playmakers sessions so far across Switzerland, with over 20 clubs and centres involved – in German-speaking and French-speaking areas.

Gaëlle Thalmann, Playmakers Project Manager at the Swiss Football Association

“At the Swiss FA, we have the goal to use the Playmakers not only to increase girls’ participation, but also women’s participation in football, in particular the number of educated women coaches. After two years of running the project, we can already say that over 35% of all coaches (the ones who did the Playmakers coach education and also volunteers), the majority of whom are women, attended another coaching course offered by our FA, as an effect of the project. Some used the project to make theirs first steps in the coaching world and we think it is amazing and shows that Playmakers meets not only girls’ needs, but also their coaches’ ones.”

Playmakers success stories
UEFA Playmakers local session in Nyon, Switzerland.
UEFA Playmakers local session in Nyon, Switzerland.UEFA via Getty Images

Coaches, parents and girls have shared their experiences of Playmakers sessions in Switzerland, explaining the positive impact the Playmakers programme has had on the lives of the girls.

Monika, Playmakers coach explains: “The girls really gained enthusiasm for football through the UEFA Playmakers as the programme is very flexible and can be adjusted to suit the needs of the participants. Over time, they realised that it did not matter whether they had ever played the sport before as they were in a safe environment with likeminded individuals.”

Thomas is a parent based in Fully, the South-West of Switzerland. His 5-year-old daughter Leonor loved the experience of taking part in the Playmakers programme.

Leonor, 5 years old

“I loved UEFA Playmakers especially the games and the coaches who were nice, great and well-prepared. I want to continue playing football.”

Her dad Thomas is also delighted: “After attending the UEFA Playmakers programme, my daughter is more confident and fit. She developed a love for football following EURO 2020, but even more so after completing the programme. The Disney storytelling was a helpful way to learn. I would recommend UEFA Playmakers as it is great to have this programme with only girls and is a dedicated basic starter into the football world. The female coaching teams were really impressive and motivating.”

Aspiring Playmakers coaches can reach out to their country’s football association to learn more about open positions and upcoming training sessions.

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