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My Game series: Unlocking the secrets of Europe's football icons

UEFA releases My Game, a groundbreaking short film series where elite players such as Mbappé, Neuer and Bonmatí reveal their unique game strategies and techniques.

We’re proud to unveil a new series of short films focused on the technical aspects of the game, where viewers will delve deep into the minds of footballers such as Kylian Mbappé, Manuel Neuer, Kevin De Bruyne, Lindsey Horan, and Aitana Bonmatí.

In this series, elite players share insights on their game, explaining the different ingredients of their success. They discuss the features they deem crucial and unique, providing a rare glimpse into the strategies, techniques, and mindsets that have propelled them to the pinnacle of the sport.

"I see myself as a creator of opportunities. It’s not even the assist itself; sometimes you can give good balls in a game where you know you had [great] importance in, maybe, a goal that you scored, but you don’t see it on a stats sheet."

Kevin De Bruyne

The inaugural series of My Game focuses on the prestigious Champions League, encompassing both the men's and women's competitions. From the lightning-fast attacks of Mbappé to the unyielding presence of Neuer in goal, as well as Aitana Bonmatí’s record-breaking winning mentality, each episode showcases the brilliance and individuality of these players on the grandest stage of European club football.

"I always say that mentality is what takes you to another dimension because you might have the talent, you might understand the game very well, but without that bit of ambition, that will to win, competitiveness, I think that it’s hard to achieve everything we are achieving."

Aitana Bonmatí

An important educational tool

My Game is more than just entertainment; it’s also a valuable resource to educate and pass on technical knowledge to the European football community. The films will be distributed to all UEFA national associations, offering coach educators, coaches, players, and technical staff invaluable insights to elevate their understanding and appreciation of the beautiful game.

In the past there have been goalkeepers who played with their feet and played offensively. Therefore, I wouldn't say that I'm the one who revolutionised the game, but I do see an attacking role in my position and I always try to bring that onto the pitch.

Manuel Neuer

My Game is also available to fans around the globe for free on UEFA TV.

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