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France, Spain, Switzerland lift trophies

Spain have won the Algarve Cup on debut, with Switzerland having triumphed in the Cyprus Cup after France had secured the SheBelieves Cup in the United States.

Switzerland beat South Korea to win the Cyprus Cup
Switzerland beat South Korea to win the Cyprus Cup ©Sportsfile

All 16 UEFA Women's EURO 2017 finalists have been in action in one of the three annual friendly tournaments in the Algarve, Cyprus and the United States as they step up their preparations for the Netherlands. France lifed the SheBelieves Cup, with Spain winning the Algarve Cup and Switzerland the new Cyprus Cup champions.

Algarve Cup: Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden

• A fixture at this time of year since 1994, Spain made – and won – the Algarve Cup final on debut. They beat former world champions Japan and Norway along the way.

Group A
1 March: Portugal 0-1 Russia, Denmark 0-1 Canada
3 March: Russia 1-2 Canada, Portugal 0-6 Denmark
6 March: Russia 1-6 Denmark, Canada 0-0 Portugal

Group B
1 March: Japan 1-2 Spain, Norway 1-1 Iceland
3 March: Japan 2-0 Iceland, Spain 3-0 Norway
6 March: Norway 0-2 Japan, Iceland 0-0 Spain

Group C
1 March: Netherlands 1-0 China, Australia 0-1 Sweden
3 March: Australia 3-2 Netherlands, China 0-0 Sweden
6 March: Sweden 0-1 Netherlands, China 1-2 Australia

Finals day
8 March: Spain 1-0 Canada (final), Denmark 1-1, 4-1pens Australia (3rd/4th place), Netherlands 3-2 Japan (5th/6th), Sweden 4-0 Russia (7th/8th), Iceland 2-1 China (9th/10th), Norway 2-0 Portugal (11th/12th)

Cyprus Cup: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Scotland, Switzerland

• Switzerland won on their first final appearance, having held Belgium and beaten Italy 6-0 en route to the decider.

Group A
1 March: North Korea 3-0 Italy, Belgium 2-2 Switzerland
3 March: Switzerland 1-0 North Korea, Italy 1-4 Belgium
6 March: Italy 0-6 Switzerland, North Korea 4-1 Belgium

Group B
1 March: New Zealand 2-3 Scotland, South Korea 0-0 Austria
3 March: Austria 3-0 New Zealand, Scotland 0-2 South Korea
6 March: Austria 1-3 Scotland, New Zealand 0-2 South Korea

Group C involved non-EURO qualifiers the Republic of Ireland, Wales, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Finals day
8 March: Switzerland 1-0 South Korea (final), North Korea 2-0 Republic of Ireland (3rd/4th), Scotland 0-0, 6-5pens Wales (5th/6th), Belgium 1-1, 3-2pens Austria (7th/8th), New Zealand 3-1 Hungary (9th/10th), Italy 6-2 Czech Republic (11th/12th)

SheBelieves Cup (United States): England, France, Germany

• In the second edition of this round-robin tournament, France rose from fourth place to first, with Camille Abily scoring twice in their decisive win against the hosts. Anja Mittag's 50th Germany goal gave them second place ahead of England.

1 March: England 1-2 France, US 1-0 Germany
4 March: France 0-0 Germany, US 0-1 England
7 March: Germany 1-0 England, US 0-3 France

Final standings: 1 France (7pts), 2 Germany (4), 3 England (3, GD -1, 4 US (3, GD -3)