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Clubs get share of Champions League revenue

Sides in the UEFA Champions League group stage will be guaranteed a minimum payment of €7.2m as their share of the competition revenue to be redistributed among clubs.

The team that goes on to win the trophy could collect at least €31.5m
The team that goes on to win the trophy could collect at least €31.5m ©Sportsfile

Teams taking part in this season's UEFA Champions League group stage can expect to receive a minimum €7.2m – and the team that goes on to win the trophy could collect €31.5m, not counting the market pool share. This is according to the UEFA Champions League revenue distribution system for the forthcoming 2011/12 campaign.

Each of the 32 clubs involved in the group stage will receive a participation bonus of €3.9m. In addition, they will be entitled to a match bonus of €550,000 per match played in the group stage. Performance bonuses will also see €800,000 paid for every win and €400,000 for every draw in the group stage.

The sides competing in the round of 16 can also expect to pick up €3m each, the quarter-finalists €3.3m and the semi-finalists €4.2m. The UEFA Champions League winners will receive €9m and the runners-up €5.6m.

Meanwhile, the winners of the 2011 UEFA Super Cup, FC Barcelona, will earn €2.5m and the runners-up, FC Porto, €2m. The estimated gross commercial revenue from the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super Cup is €1,100m.

Of that estimated gross commercial revenue, €55m will be allocated exclusively to the play-off rounds: each club participating in the play-offs will collect a fixed amount of €2.1m. Moreover, as applied in the competition's 2006–09 cycle, €10.3m will be reserved for the solidarity payments awarded to the teams eliminated in the qualifying phase of the 2011/12 UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Some 75% of the total revenue from media rights and commercial contracts concluded by UEFA, up to a maximum of €530m, will go to the clubs, while the remaining 25% will be reserved for European football and remain with UEFA to cover organisational and administrative costs and solidarity payments to associations, clubs and leagues.

A total of 82% of any revenue received from the same stream in excess of €530m will go to the clubs, with the other 18% allocated to European football and remaining with UEFA for the purposes listed above.

The estimated available amount of €341.1m from the television market pool will be distributed according to the proportional value of each TV market represented by the teams involved in the UEFA Champions League (from the group stage onwards), and will be split among those sides participating from a given association.