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Heynckes hails Bayern solidity

Juan Carlos Garrido lamented Villarreal CF's inability to recover from an early setback at home to FC Bayern München, for whom Jupp Heynckes enjoyed a decent defensive effort.

Heynckes hails Bayern solidity
Heynckes hails Bayern solidity ©UEFA.com

Juan Carlos Garrido, Villarreal coach
The first goal after seven minutes was a physical, tactical and a psychological blow. It came from a move we could have defended better. We made several errors and they managed to score. The first half was quite even, with two chances; they had one and scored.

Being a goal behind forced us to be more offensive. We had to use players more accustomed to playing high up the pitch. This meant Bayern were able to open up more spaces going forward. We were looking to get back into the match, but when they scored a second the game was over. It looks like Bayern won with something to spare but that's not quite how it was. Even so, they are a great team. When you play in the Champions League you are playing against the best teams in the world. We will draw conclusions from this game and use them to improve in the future.

Jupp Heynckes, Bayern coach
I was here last year with Bayer [04 Leverkusen]. We had already lost the first leg which made it a much more difficult task. Today we did a very fine job, with just a few exceptions. We should have scored a second goal earlier, but our defensive performance was impressive once again. To me, a strong defence comes first, because that is what wins you trophies.

We have so much quality that we will always create chances up front as long as we are doing our job at the back. My players knew before the match that we needed another good performance, and that's what they delivered. We need to make sure that we show this strength in February and March, as there is a long way to go.