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Marchisio up for Juventus 'cup finals'

Claudio Marchisio said Juventus have two more "cup finals" to come after a victory against FC Nordsjælland, in which Mikkel Beckmann said his side were outclassed.

Marchisio up for Juventus 'cup finals'
Marchisio up for Juventus 'cup finals' ©UEFA.com

Claudio Marchisio said Juventus are ready for two more cup finals in their remaining Group E games after beating FC Nordsjælland 4-0. They remain third in the section, a point behind FC Shakhtar Donetsk and their next opponents Chelsea FC, but the midfielder emphasised the importance of victory against the Danish champions. Team-mate Leonardo Bonucci believes the Bianconeri were "close to perfection", a feeling shared by Nordsjælland's Mikkel Beckmann when he spoke to UEFA.com.

Claudio Marchisio, Juventus midfielder
This game was already a final for us – we had to win or our dream of reaching the next stage would have vanished. Fortunately, we managed to score an early goal so the game was completely different from the one in Denmark. My goal was important but so was our second one. It was important to kill the game quickly, because even if they lost against Shakhtar and Chelsea, Nordsjælland are a team who have troubled all their opponents in the group and deserve to play in the Champions League.

They play good football and that is why we had to take the pitch as we did tonight, determined to score quickly. It is a pity we dropped two points against them two weeks ago, otherwise we would have been first in the group. However, we still have the chance to qualify and we must focus on the next match against Chelsea. It will be another final for us, like tonight. A draw tonight would have meant elimination for us, so we have to prepare for two more finals against Chelsea and Shakhtar.

Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus defender
We had to respond [after our weekend defeat in Serie A]. We had to show that we are still the Juve with a great hunger for success, the team that imposed their game for the whole of last season, and tonight we did just that. We will have to work hard to beat Chelsea, but we are doing that in every game we play so the fact we need three points will not change much. We do not have to look too much at other teams' results because we are Juve and we have to try to win every game we play. We played really well tonight – this was a great Juventus. I think we were close to perfection. Now we have to build on this performance and build something important in the next two games.

Mikkel Beckmann, Nordsjælland forward
We met a world-class team tonight. They made us look very poor all over the pitch. Today was a big off-day for us. When we talked about our tactics, we said the first 20 minutes were very important because Juventus were going to put a lot of pressure on us. They scored after five minutes and again a few minutes later. It was not good for us today. Juventus were very strong, we were very weak and the final result is a combination of the two things. Juventus at home are very strong and today they were much better than us.

Kasper Lorentzen, Nordsjælland midfielder
They started at full speed today, got an early goal and played a much better game than we did. Of course, we tried to stick to our tactical plan but the early goal changed everything. We tried our best but we met a very good team. We hoped we could challenge them again as we did in Copenhagen. Hopefully we will manage that next time.

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