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Getting to know the stars: Sergio Agüero

Who is the best midfielder Sergio Agüero has played with? Manchester City's No10 gave his verdict on that and much more in a live Q&A on the UEFA Champions League Facebook page.

Sergio Agüero celebrates scoring in the Premier League
Sergio Agüero celebrates scoring in the Premier League ©Getty Images

After pulling in more than 3,000 questions, Manchester City forward Sergio Agüero joined us in a live Q&A on the UEFA Champions League Facebook page.

Who was your childhood hero outside football?

Sergio Agüero: Michael Jordan

Who are your top five players of all time?

Agüero: Messi, the Brazilian Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Maradona – that's only four but for me they're the ones ...

Who is your favourite player past or present and have they influenced your style of play?

Agüero: For me the best in history is Messi. The player I looked at in terms of my own play and who influenced me most is the Brazilian Ronaldo.


Sum up your Premier League-winning goal against QPR in three words …

Agüero: Lo más hermoso – the most beautiful!

Best midfielder you have played with?

Agüero: Javier Mascherano. Because I think he is a player who feels the pulse of a game – he knows the moment when it's going well or badly. He is a reference point for what you need on the pitch.

Your best game in a Man. City shirt?

Agüero: I always enjoy playing against United. My best performance? That's difficult, but a recent one would be against Bayern where I scored the hat-trick.

Toughest defender you have played against? 

Agüero: Sergio Ramos – he's tough.

What type of music do you listen to?

Agüero: I like everything – Cumbia, which is Argentinian music and a bit like Reggaeton. I listen to a bit of everything, English music, pop, but Cumbia especially.

Learn more about Agüero – including his favourite film and his best friend at City – on the official UEFA Champions League Facebook page