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Zlatan on Chelsea, retirement and the missing medal

Zlatan Ibrahimović was on good form as he faced the press at Stamford Bridge, discussing Diego Costa, Chelsea, the Paris project and why he is not retiring yet.

Zlatan Ibrahimović speaks to the media
Zlatan Ibrahimović speaks to the media ©Getty Images

On unfinished business after last season's red card at Stamford Bridge ...
I never think about revenge because every game is a new game, but hopefully I will stay on the pitch longer than last time! What happened in the past belongs in the past and this is the present.

On the prospect of playing against Diego Costa ...
We want to play against the best, and if he is on the pitch then it is the best Chelsea team. But even without him Chelsea are still fantastic. The last game was not so easy for them without him, but whether he plays or not we will be up against the same quality.

On the prospect, aged 34, of retirement ...
I'm just warming up! Age is just a number and you are only as old as you feel. I feel very young because this season has so far been one of my best. I'm not worried about the future because the future looks good after the season I've had.

Zlatan: My Champions League journey
Zlatan: My Champions League journey

On his desire to win the UEFA Champions League ...
When I was young the Champions League was an obsession; now I reckon whether I win it or not, it will not change me as a player. I've been lucky to win a lot of trophies. I've been lucky to play for fantastic clubs, with fantastic players. I could win the Champions League this year and I will do my best to do it, but it wouldn't change the player I am.

On how Paris are approaching the second leg, 2-1 up ...
We haven't gone through anything tactical or about how we should play it – we have the advantage so it'll be a different game this time. But if we play our game we have a big chance to do what we want to. It's up to the coach how we play it. We'll do as we are told.

Zlatan training at Stamford Bridge
Zlatan training at Stamford Bridge©Getty Images

On the Qatari project at Paris and parallels with Chelsea ...
This project began three and a half years ago. With all due respect to what had happened before, the club was essentially born the day the Qataris took over. If you look at Chelsea it was similar ten years ago; and when did they win the Champions League? It took many years. What we have done in three and a half years is amazing.

These miracles don't happen in 24 hours. It takes time. But the Qataris will chase the Champions League until they get it, with or without me. That's why I came here. It was a big challenge, I wanted to be part of it and I've done things that will be written in history books. Just give it time, you'll see.

Exclusive: Zlatan on going back to where it all began
Exclusive: Zlatan on going back to where it all began