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Heynckes hails exceptional Bayern

Jupp Heynckes said FC Bayern München's Wembley win was reward for an "outstanding" season at home and abroad, while Jürgen Klopp's sadness was soon replaced by pride.

Heynckes hails exceptional Bayern
Heynckes hails exceptional Bayern ©UEFA.com

Jupp Heynckes, Bayern coach
What we've achieved so far this season – because it's not over yet, we still have the German Cup final next weekend – has been outstanding. There's never been a Bundesliga team that's consistently played at such a high level, winning the championship by 25 points, breaking almost all records.

In the beginning we didn't quite find our feet and compliments to Dortmund – they pressed forward and we didn't find our rhythm. It was a difficult match for us, but we had a couple of chances before half-time and after it we took command. We were more advanced and created more opportunities – and it's because of that second half that we earned the win.

I'm pleased on behalf of my club, because this year we've accomplished something that's never happened in the Bundesliga in the same way. From the outset of the season we've been changing, improving, adapting; we have a team spirit and an ability to work together that I've never experienced. We have 22 or 23 top-class professionals where all of them are capable of playing in the first team and they all pulled their weight. When you have such high-calibre players, that's pretty incredible and that's a hallmark of our success.

In the last few weeks, I have been very aware of Arjen [Robben], very conscious of how I train with him, taking care of his fitness to make sure he didn't get injured. I'm particularly pleased for him; last year we were all tragic figures, not just Arjen, but today he was crucial. Yesterday I said to him: "Arjen, you're in good form, really good form, and tomorrow that's going to be one of the crucial factors."

Today my team were determined to win; look at the generation of Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger – the time had come to win something like this. They've won a lot of caps and domestic trophies, but this was the first international competition. I'm really pleased for my team; afterwards I might be a bit more excitable, or relaxed – but I wasn't out there on the pitch. You do your job till kick-off and then it's up to the team. They had to take centre stage and do their job tonight. Without top-class players like we have, you can't play the kind of football we have this season.

As a coach, you have to lead a team, a group; you have to be sensitive, tactful with high-calibre footballers. Today, given the environment with the media and the expectations, it's very difficult. Of course I'm very happy, delighted, and winning the Champions League is a highlight of one's career as a coach. To have three seasons in the competition [as a coach] and win it twice is not something that happens to everyone.

It was a very intense match for both teams – they both went for it and fought hard. They're both tactically of a very high standard and big compliments to Dortmund; this year they've had an absolutely top-class Champions League season, after winning trophies in the other two seasons. Of course I understand the disappointment when you lose a final like this, but over your career there are always ups and downs – there are titles and highlights, and disappointments, and you can draw strength from that. Look at ourselves. We lost the final last year but didn't resign ourselves to our fate. We upped the ante and worked harder, and this is the result. It's quite possible that a new era in Europe, under Bayern, might have begun.

Jürgen Klopp reacts to defeat
Jürgen Klopp reacts to defeat©Getty Images

Jürgen Klopp, Dortmund coach
I have to say congratulations to Bayern, of course – congratulations to Jupp Heynckes, I really think he deserves this trophy. It was a close match and at one point it was so open we could have won it. Our defensive work was incredibly good and that helped us to keep the game open. There were a few things we might have done differently, but in the end Bayern scored twice and us once. I've seen all the Champions League finals recently and not one of them finished without the result being in doubt at some point.

I need a moment to feel proud again but I'm sure it's slumbering within me – I am proud of my team, but at the moment it's the disappointment that prevails. That's normal. When you strive for something and don't get it, it hurts. They team gave all they had; they were so passionate about it – they really deserved to equalise. We deserved to be in the final; we showed that tonight and that was important to us.

I feel the pride coming up in me and the sadness going away. It was a great season from my team and a really, really, really good match – maybe the best against Bayern in this Champions League season, and you know who they've played. Now we start again. In two years it will be in Berlin – and maybe that would be a good place to come back to the Champions League final. I hope next year we'll have even more quality and the game will move on.