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Modrić hails Madrid's winning start

Luka Modrić acknowledged the dismantling of FC Basel 1893 will give Real Madrid CF confidence after their domestic struggles, although Carlo Ancelotti wants more.

Modrić hails Madrid's winning start
Modrić hails Madrid's winning start ©UEFA.com

Luka Modrić acknowledges "important win" after Real Madrid put five past Basel
Croatian midfielder: "We need to build on this and continue to grow"
Carlo Ancelotti "satisfied" but believes there is still work to do
Basel goalscorer Derlis González admires Madrid's "top-class players"
Coach Paolo Sousa describes visitors as "brave but naive"

Luka Modrić, Real Madrid midfielder
I feel good. It was important for us to start the Champions League well and get a good result after the disappointing result against Atlético [at the weekend]. It was important to start well, win the game, score goals and get back the confidence that we'd maybe lost a little bit. There's no reason to lose confidence; we played well, especially in the first half an hour, and we need to build on this and continue to grow in the next games.

There's a long way to go. No team has won two [UEFA Champions League titles] in a row, hopefully we can be the first, but we need to go game by game. Be humble and play every game with a big attitude, that's the only way. To play as a team, we can go far, hopefully to win again, but it's a long way to go.

I never like to talk about my performance, I let others speak about it. [Tonight] I can say that I am satisfied, but I know I can do better as well.

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach
I'm very satisfied with the win and with how we played. We played very well in the first half, scored a lot of goals and killed the game off very quickly. We also played well in the second half. We still need to resolve a few issues.

James [Rodríguez] played very well, and also did a good job defensively. Nacho deserved to play because he's very professional in training, and therefore [Álvaro] Arbeloa was able to rest. This game has left us very happy but we know that not all our problems have been resolved. We need to keep working and demonstrate the right attitude in our next game.

Nacho, Real Madrid defender
[Madrid's opener] was an own goal, but what's important is that the passage of play ended well and produced a goal for us. I think it was the first time I've been involved that close to the goal, and we're all delighted. The guys congratulated me and I feel like I scored. It was a great passage of play, James and I touched the ball and lucky enough it went in.

Each game I play at home makes me happy. I'm trying to take absolute advantage of any opportunities that I get. I battle like anyone does to win a place in the side and I try to do my best.

We knew today was an important day after the league game against Atlético, and we showed good efficiency. We were good in front of goal and we played well, as we nearly always do. It was an important game and an important win. We were at home, we had to win and we did that well.

Karim Benzema, Madrid forward
I'm very happy [scoring], but the most important thing was the win. We played well today, with a lot of goals, and we're looking good for the next games. We will continue as we have done up to now.

It was the first game at home and it was important to win, it's good for everyone. It has been quite a difficult week, but now we've won and scored five goals. For me the most important thing isn't just to score, but also play well with my team-mates. I'm relaxed, as normal.

Karim Benzema enjoys his goal
Karim Benzema enjoys his goal©AFP/Getty Images

Toni Kroos, Madrid midfielder
When you win 5-1, it's enjoyable. We even had chances to score more goals, as did Basel, but we are happy with a first win, 5-1. It's important to win in the first game of the new Champions League campaign. I don't like to assess my own performance, but we gave a great team display and I played my part in that.

At big clubs, when you lose two games in a row then the atmosphere is not as good. I think it's even a bit more extreme in Spain compared to Germany; people are more intense, but we are experienced enough to remain calm. The coach remained extremely calm; he analysed [Saturday's defeat] very objectively and we showed a good response tonight.

Derlis González, Basel forward
It's a very hard loss. There's always a risk when you play such a great team, but we aren't happy with the result. We improved in the second half, [and did] what we had tried to do in the first half. You didn't see this from us in the first period, but in the second half we were better and luckily enough they didn't score more goals.

Madrid have top-level players, they take the game away from you in three touches. Frankly, that's what happened.

I'll never forget today, even though we lost 5-1. The fact we played in the stadium with the world's best players in unforgettable, and to score a goal against a goalkeeper who has been, and who still is, the best in the world.

It was a tough night for Basel
It was a tough night for Basel©Getty Images

Tomáš Vaclík, Basel goalkeeper 
It's difficult to talk about positives when you lose 5-1, but we scored a goal and had some other chances, especially Derlis González when Iker [Casillas] made a save. We also hit the post, so there are positives. For all of us it's a big experience to play against Real Madrid; they showed us the highest level of football in the world and it will motivate us to be better, work harder and push ourselves on to try to be closer to them.

It's a good lesson for us. It's the first game in the UEFA Champions League this season, and for me personally it's the first ever too. It was a dream, especially at this stadium against this team. It was a lesson for us and we will be prepared better next time.

Paulo Sousa, Basel coach
We were brave tonight. We had the ball and had chances to score, we showed good character but we were too naive sometimes. When there is too much space between lines you must choose the best decisions because if you don't you are going to suffer. The gaps in our teams were too large sometimes and that made Madrid counterattacks possible. The team mentality began to fail after the two first goals.

It was a pleasure to start my UEFA Champions League career at the Santiago Bernabéu. I want to be involved in this competition and my team was in the match at some points tonight. We'll be stronger in the next matches. The defence is not the defender plus the goalkeeper; it's all the team.

Of course I'm disappointed for the result because a coach always looks for the best result. We need to take another step in this kind of competition. We want to be competitive. We were playing against the best team, and the most important players in Europe, and with every mistake you make this team can hurt you. We've played against Ludogorets in the past and we want to be competitive against them and against Liverpool.