Schalke and Hapoel united in praise for Raúl

Raúl González was uppermost in most observers' minds after scoring twice in FC Schalke 04's 2-0 win against Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC, with Felix Magath paying tribute to an "exceptional player".

Felix Magath hopes FC Schalke 04 have finally silenced their critics after a 3-1 victory against Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC in Group B. With two goals it was Raúl González who dominated the headlines, however, Eli Gutman ruing that if you give him "a millimetre of space you end up fishing the ball out of the back of the net."

Felix Magath, Schalke coach
The win gives all who have criticised us a sign that we can play good football. We didn't only change the players [this summer] but also our style of play too, and that's difficult. It's not yet perfect but we will improve. Today it was simply a beautiful match. We have always played well in the Champions League but this win gives us a boost.

I know what Raúl can do – I don't need to see any goals, I see nearly every day in training what a gifted player he is. He is a blessing for our team, an exceptional player. He's not only able only to score, but can also create chances. He will be happy about his two goals, he will enjoy it – but not with a glass of Rioja I hope.

Eli Gutman, Hapoel coach
We dominated the first half and once again did everything right until the last 25 metres – our final ball simply wasn't good enough. The second goal broke us, and after that the third was just a matter of time. Shechter scored a late consolation but the difference is in the smallest detail.

In Israel when a player fails to close down an opponent you say 'never mind'. When you give Raúl a millimetre of space you end up fishing the ball out of the back of the net.