How to pronounce the finalists' names correctly

Amaze your friends with your sudden command of languages as we give a phonetic guide to the finalists.

Sad-yo Man-ay
Sad-yo Man-ay ©Getty Images


English fans know how to pronounce the local players' names well enough, but Clyne, Solanke and Lallana are not entirely as they seem to some non-native speakers.

Emre Can – Em-ray Jan
Nathaniel Clyne – same as the German name Klein (to rhyme with line)
Loris Karius – Law-riss Carry-us
Adam Lallana – La-lana (his name is Spanish but is pronounced in an English way)
Dejan Lovren–– Day-an
Sadio Mané – Sad-yo Man-ay
Simon Mignolet – See-mon Min-yo-lay
Mohamed Salah – Sa-la (not sa-lar)
Dominic Solanke – So-lan-key
Virgil van Dijk – Van Dyke (like Dick Van Dyke)
Georginio Wijnaldum – Why-nal-dum


Toni Crows
Toni Crows©AFP/Getty Images

English speakers should note, in particular, that the 'oo' in Toni Kroos's surname does not sound as they would imagine it to.

Dani Carvajal – Car-va-hal
Kiko Casilla – Kee-ko Ca-see-ya
Dani Ceballos – Theb-eye-oss
Isco – Eesh-co
Mateo Kovačić – Ko-va-chitch
Toni Kroos – Crows
Borja Mayoral – Bor-ha My-or-al
Luka Modrić – Mod-rich
Keylor Navas – Kay-law
Jesús Vallejo – Hess-oos Vye-echo
Raphaël Varane – Raff-ay-el Va-ran
Lucas Vázquez – Vath-keth