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The UEFA Champions League trophy

"It may not be an artistic masterpiece, but everybody in football is keen to get their hands on it."

The UEFA Champions League Trophy ©Getty Images

Did you know?

  • The current UEFA Champions League trophy stands 73.5cm tall and weighs 7.5kg.


©Getty Images
  • A rule introduced in 1968/69 stipulates that the cup becomes the property of any club who win the competition five times or three years in a row. The club then start a new cycle from zero. Real Madrid, Ajax, Bayern München, Milan, Liverpool and Barcelona all have a version in their trophy rooms. The rule was changed ahead of 2008/09, with the original trophy remaining with UEFA and the clubs awarded a replica.


  • The current trophy is the fifth version of the current design. It was commissioned by UEFA General Secretary Hans Bangerter after Real Madrid were allowed to keep the original in 1967.
Barcelona are engraved on the cup in 2015
Barcelona are engraved on the cup in 2015©Getty Images for UEFA
  • It was designed and made in Berne (near UEFA's then headquarters) by Jürg Stadelmann.


  • Jürg Stadelmann recalled: "My father Hans and I went along to Herr Bangerter's office and covered the whole floor with drawings. He made comments like, 'The Bulgarians would like the bottom of that. The Spaniards would like this but the Italians would prefer that and the Germans would go for this.' We put the design together like a jigsaw puzzle."


  • The trophy took 340 hours to make, with Stadelmann meeting a strict deadline. "It had to be finished before 28 March," Stadelmann added, "because I was getting married and taking my wife on a ten-day boat trip to Los Angeles. I did the finer work, then it was finished off by the engraver, Fred Bänninger. On time, I am glad to say."