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Travelling to Baku

International travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic

⚠️ To help ticket holders with the key decisions that come next, we have summarised the key entry requirements when travelling to Baku for UEFA EURO 2020. This information is constantly evolving and changing and is based on the latest information received by UEFA from the local authorities. UEFA cannot guarantee that it will be accurate or reflect the latest position, although we will do our best to keep this up to date. It is your responsibility to check the Government websites to verify the latest information before your date of travel.

Government Website

Please note travel to Azerbaijan from abroad is currently restricted. Exemptions are in place for some ticket holders and citizens of specific countries. However, if you live abroad and none of the exemptions listed below apply to you, you cannot travel to Azerbaijan for the matches, even if you are a ticket holder.

Exemptions for citizens of specific countries:

Since 10 June, exemptions have been in place for citizens of the following countries:

  • Russia
  • Turkey

If you travel to Azerbaijan from one of these countries, please have a look at the requirements to enter the country on the government website.

Since 21 June, further exemptions have also been in place for citizens of the following countries:

  • Bahrain
  • Hungary
  • Israel
  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

If you travel to Azerbaijan from one of these countries, please have a look at the requirements to enter the country on the government website.

Exemptions for ticket holders

Ticket holders for UEFA EURO 2020 matches scheduled in Baku who are citizens and/or stateless residents* of the following countries will be able to obtain a visa upon arrival by presenting a valid match ticket:

  • Denmark
  • Czech Republic

*You must either be in possession of a passport issued by one these countries (meaning you have citizenship) or be a permanent stateless resident of one of these countries. If you are a permanent resident of one of the countries listed above but are a citizen of a different country, you cannot obtain a visa for the EURO 2020 matches in Baku.

If these conditions apply to you, have a look at our Travel checklist below.

Let me give you a top tip:

Citizens of any country who are already in Azerbaijan during the tournament can attend matches if they have a valid ticket.

Travel checklist

1. Make sure that you have a valid match ticket

If you want to make use of the exemption for ticket holders, your match ticket is key when travelling to Baku from abroad.

  • You need to be able to present your match ticket at border control.
  • Your mobile match ticket will be delivered to the EURO 2020 Mobile Ticket App five days before your match at the very latest.
  • If you’ve purchased several tickets, make sure you transfer them to each attendee via the EURO 2020 Mobile Tickets App (Download iOS / Android).
2. Apply for your visa
  • Standard visas are single entry and are valid for a period of 90 days, giving the right to stay in the country for up to 30 days.
  • The validity period of your passport must be at least three months longer than the expiry date of the visa to be issued.
    E-visa procedure (online visa)
  • Citizens and/or stateless residents* of eligible countries (Switzerland, UK, quarter-finalists that will play in Baku) can apply for their electronic visa on the official e-visa platform. Standard electronic visas are issued within a period of three business days with a charge of US$23 (including a service fee), while urgent electronic visas are issued within three hours with a charge of $51 (including service fee).
  • The e-visa will be delivered via email.
  • “Visa upon arrival” is not recommended in order to avoid queues in front of visa counters and protect local quarantine regulations.
3. Provide a negative COVID-19 test result

Ticket holders for UEFA EURO 2020 matches in Baku will qualify for a quarantine exemption if they present proof of a recent negative COVID-19 PCR test result.

The test must not be older than 72 hours upon entry to Azerbaijan and should preferably be presented with a QR code.

This will help speed up arrival checks and procedures at the airport.

A COVID-19 test is not required for stadium entry.

4. Take a mandatory COVID-19 test for departure

All passenger departing from Azerbaijan must take a mandatory COVID-19 PCR test and present the test result at the border. The test must not be older than 48 hours.

The minimum time to obtain test results is 12 hours. The test results will be sent by mail. All tests will have a QR-code as well.

The average price for a test in Azerbaijan is €45.

A list of certified clinics and test centres is available on this website.

In addition, you can get tested here:

Fan Meeting Point (Port Baku Park)

02.07.2021 – 04.07.2021

Fan Meeting Point (Baku Eye)

02.07.2021 – 04.07.2021

Baku Olympic Stadium (Parking P21)


Baku Olympic Stadium (Parking P22)


Near Samed Vurgun Park (28 May)


Getting There

✈️ By plane

Baku’s airport is certified with the prestigious five-star airport rating and has repeatedly been recognised as the best airport in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

🚆 By train

Overnight trains are available from Russia and Ukraine on a regular basis. In addition, an overnight service operates between Tbilisi in Georgia to Baku, taking approximately 12 hours. There are several trains per week to and from Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but the journey time of 70 hours may not suit your schedule. Baku Central Railway Station is the main railway hub in Baku, with international and national rail services using this station. It’s a short walk from 28 May metro station.

🚗 By car

There are two major highways in Azerbaijan, both of which serve Baku. These are the east-west highway linking Baku to Georgia, and the north-south highway which runs between Russia and Iran via Baku. If you rent a car abroad, make sure your rental contract allows you to drive across the border to Azerbaijan and familiarise yourself with local traffic rules.

We don’t recommend driving to the stadium by car as there will be road closures around the stadium and UEFA Festival sites and no private vehicle parking is available at the venue on matchdays.

Let me give you a top tip:

If you have limited mobility or additional needs, please inform your airline or travel agent and let them know about the kind of assistance you need. You can do this either when booking your flight or closer to your travels, but make sure it's at least 48 hours before you start your journey.

Getting Around

📍 Distances

  • Baku Central Railway Station to stadium: 20 minutes by metro
  • Airport to city centre: 30 minutes by airport shuttle

Transport from the airport

Getty Images

🚇 By public transport

The airport shuttle runs a 24-hour service between the airport and the city centre (28 May metro station / Central Railway Station) with a stop at Koroglu metro station next to Baku Olympic Stadium. Travel time is approximately 30 minutes, but traffic may delay the journey. Tickets can be purchased at the BakuCard kiosks in terminal 1.

🚖 By taxi

A taxi from Heydar Aliyev International Airport to the city centre will take 30 minutes and cost AZN 30 (€15). Just order the service inside the terminal and then follow the “Official Taxi” signs when exiting the terminal. You’ll be able to pay in cash or by credit card. In addition, taxi apps work like a charm in Baku.

🚗 By rental car

Major rental car companies are located inside the airport, but keep in mind that there will be road closures around UEFA Festival sites, the stadium and major attractions, and parking options are limited. It’s best to stick to public transport or a taxi.

Let me give you a top tip:

Baku Airport offers a free service for passengers with additional needs. Check their website for more details on accessible travel and amenities.

Transport in the city

Getty Images

🚇 By public transport

Baku has a metro network comprising three different lines, providing good access to the stadium, main railway station, bus terminal and the main tourist attractions in the city centre. It’s considered one of the cheapest metro systems in the world, complemented by an extensive bus network.

Let me give you a top tip:

All buses run by Baku Bus are wheelchair accessible, as well as the city’s London-style white taxis. Most metro stations can only be accessed via stairs and escalators.

🚖 By taxi:

The London style taxis are a popular choice in Baku, but it’s best to have some cash on you to pay for the ride. They are the only ones who use a meter – double check before getting into the car. Alternatively, you may want to negotiate the price before your trip. Taxi and private ride-share apps are a good choice to know the exact fare in advance.

🚗 By car:

If possible, avoid driving in the city. There will be road closures and restricted parking around UEFA Festival sites, the stadium and major attractions.

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