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Let me give you a top tip

Cycling and walking are great options. For all UEFA EURO 2020 spectators, Copenhagen will provide secure bicycle parking at Fælledparken so you can bike, park and walk easily to the Parken Stadium. If you prefer travelling by public transport, match tickets holders will receive a Copenhagen travelcard on the EURO 2020 app to travel for free on your matchday.

In Copenhagen, the stadium is fortunately close to the city centre, approximately 3km. Let's get you there – we have established walking routes between nearby transport hubs and the stadium, so it's easier to follow social distancing guidelines.

❗ Remember you must use the stadium entrance indicated on your ticket. Plan your route to the stadium before you set off to avoid missing your dedicated entry time slot.

🏟️ Which entrance should I use?

The best way to get to the stadium depends on your match ticket. Check your ticket for your entrance:

I have a ticket for Entrances A or D

  • Entrance A and D are located in the north of the stadium. Access via Jagtvej or Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads

I have a ticket for Entrances B or C

  • Entrances B and C are located in the south of the stadium. Access via Blegdamsvej/Nordre Frihavnsgade. Please note entrance C is most suitable for disabled fans.

🚶 By foot

One of the great benefits of travelling around Copenhagen is that everything is nearby. Therefore, the best way to get to the stadium is on foot.

The walking time is approximately 35 minutes from the city centre and Football Village to the stadium. On your way, you will be rewarded with some of the cities scenic routes as you stroll along the inner lakes of Copenhagen.

🚴 By bike

In Copenhagen, your bike is your best friend. Everybody owns a bike, and it's one of the best ways to get around in the city.

🚴 Cycling from home: If you're nervous about where to leave your bike, several secure bicycle park and walk facilities will be provided at Fælledpark, a short distance from the Parken Stadium. Don't forget your lock. 🔒

🚲💵 Bike hire: If you don't own a bike yourself, no problem. Many places in Copenhagen offer you to rent bikes. But remember, the bicycle paths are crowded with cyclists, so you need to be aware of the biking rules in Copenhagen.

🚇 By public transport

Estimated travel time: 20 minutes cross-city, depending on the point of departure.

Match ticket holders in Copenhagen are entitled to a free Ⓜ️matchday travelcard to use public transport.

⌛ Your Copenhagen Travelcard is valid on the day of your match, from seven hours before kick-off to three hours after the final whistle. Your travelcard will be available on the UEFA EURO 2020 app. It will be sent to you a day before your matchday.

❗ Please note that the entrance indicated on your match ticket will decide the station you disembark.

🚊 By S-train

📍 Station: Nordhavn Station
🚶‍♂‍ Distance Station - approx. 1.5 km walk from Parken Stadium

Entrance A and D ticket holders please follow Århusgade in a western direction, turn left at Randersgade and right at Nøjsomhedsvej. Signs will guide you along the entire route.

📍 Station: Østerport Station
🚶‍♂‍ Distance Station - approx. 1.7 km walk from Parken Stadium

Entrance B and C ticket holders please follow the signs that will guide you directly to the stadium. Please follow Kristianiagade in a northern direction, turn left at Classensgade and right at Østerbrogade.

🚇 Metro

🎫 Ticket holders to Entrance A and D
📍 Vibenhus Runddel
⭕ M3 Cityringen
🚶‍♂‍ Distance: 5 min walk to Parken Stadium

🎫 Ticket holders to Entrance B and C
📍 Trianglen Station
⭕ M3 Cityringen
🚶‍♂‍ Distance: 5 min walk to Parken Stadium

❗ Remember, if travelling by public transport in Copenhagen, it is essential to visit the official Transport for Copenhagen website for safe travel guidance, hygiene measures taken by the public transport operator, social distance policy and exemptions.

🚌 Bus

There are several bus routes in Copenhagen that will take you to near Parken stadium. If you want to travel by bus, use the VW EURO 2020 Map to plan your route from the bus stop to the Parken stadium.

Entrance A or D ticket holders suggested route:

📍 Vibenhus Runddel
🚌 Travelling: inbound or outbound from the city
🚶‍♂‍ Distance: 600 meters from Parken Stadium

Entrance B and C ticket holders suggested route:

📍 Rigshospitalet Syd
🚌 Travelling: inbound or outbound from the city.
🚶‍♂‍ Distance: 900 meters from Parken Stadium

Walk as much as you can

By disembarking at any of our recommended stations or stops, you can access any walking routes with ease. The stadium won't be far away, and the walking route will take you directly to your entrance.

🚖 By taxi

Road closures and travel disruptions are likely to affect your journey, so we do not recommend taking a taxi to the stadium.

There are several taxi drop-off/pick-up points near the stadium.

If you have a match ticket for Entrance A or D, ask the driver to stop at the taxi drop-off point at Østerbrogade.

❗ Remember, it is only possible to access Østerbrogade from the northern direction.

If you have a match ticket for Entrance B or C, ask your driver to take you to the drop-off point on Blegdamsvej or Frederik V's vej.

If you take a taxi to travel to or from the stadium, please respect passengers' safe travel guidelines. It may mean wearing a mask inside the vehicle.

🚗 By car

Parken Stadium will not provide parking or drop-off points for private vehicles during the event.

Extensive road closures will in place around the stadium on matchdays. Instead, plan to park your car further away then walk or use public transport to get to the stadium.

Download mapOpen interactive map

Accessible Stadium Travel

What's the best way to get to the stadium if you're a disabled fan?

🚗 By car

Spectators can go to the stadium by car if they have an accessible parking permit for EURO 2020.

Fans who applied for accessibility tickets were able to indicate whether they needed a parking pass. Fans who requested a parking pass have been contacted by UEFA's ticketing team and were offered the opportunity to claim their complimentary parking pass on the ticket portal.

Keep in mind there are a limited number of parking permits available; even if you requested one, we cannot guarantee all applications will be successful.

🚊 By public transport

Additionally, there will be accessible modes of transport for disabled fans on matchdays.

🚌 Bus

All regular busses in Copenhagen and shuttle services have low-level floors. All busses can accommodate two wheelchair users .

🚇 S-train or Metro

S-trains and Metro have arrangements in place to ensure accessibility to travellers. The best way to reach Parken Stadium by public transport is via Metro M3 Cityringen to Vibenhus Runddel since it will be closest to the stadium.

🚖 By taxi

Please note that the taxi drop-off/pick-up point is located approximately 800 m from the stadium Entrance C, on the Frederik V's vej. Road closures and travel disruptions may severely increase journey times, make sure you leave enough time for contingency.

For more detailed information on accessible travel in Copenhagen, please visit the CAFÉ Football Disabled Spectator Guides.

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