Welcome to London

Ready to kick off your UEFA EURO 2020 adventure in London? Whether you’re a ticket holder or just want to be part of the football madness in the city – let’s start planning!

📅 Matches at the Wembley Stadium

Sunday, 14 June - Group D: England v Croatia (14:00, local time)
Friday, 19 June - Group D: England v Play-off winner C (20:00, local time)
Tuesday, 23 June - Group D: Czech Republic v England (20:00, local time)
Saturday, 27 June - R16: 1A v 2C (20:00, local time)
Tuesday, 7 July - SF1: Winner QF2 v Winner QF1 (20:00, local time)
Wednesday, 8 Jul - SF2: Winner QF4 v Winner QF3 (20:00, local time)
Sunday, 12 July - Final: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (20:00, local time)