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Matchday checklist

It's never too early to start getting creative and thinking about what to wear and bring on your matchday! Pack your costumes, shirts and flags, but make sure you are aware of the new rules in place to help mitigate the risk of a COVID-19 infection.

What to bring

1. What are the top items on your packing checklist?

✅ Your mobile ticket and ID

Make sure your phone is fully charged and you've downloaded the EURO 2020 Mobile Ticket App (Download iOS / Android). Every spectator needs a ticket to access the stadium, regardless of their age. If you're under 16, you need to be accompanied by an adult. Remember to keep your phone and match ticket somewhere safe. Please also make sure you have a valid ID on you, e.g. your passport or ID card.

✅ Your FFP2 face mask

You will need to wear your FFP2 face mask at all times during the match and you'll need it for travelling on public transport. It's best to bring additional masks just in case. Please note your mask needs to be of the standard FFP2, so surgical or paper masks, scarfs or headbands will not be accepted.

✅ Negative COVID-19 test result or EURO 2020 wristband

To enter Football Arena Munich, you will either need a negative COVID-19 test result, taken within 24 hours before kick-off and uploaded to a dedicated app, or a EURO 2020 wristband as proof of vaccination/recovery. All the information on the processes of testing and how to get your wristband can be found in our COVID-19 guidance, so make sure to read these very carefully.

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2. We don't allow bags larger than A4 inside the stadium. Put your bag on a piece of paper to check if it's the right size. It's all about minimalism these days.

3. There will be plenty of hand sanitiser units throughout the stadium, but you can bring your own if it’s more comfortable for you. Note that the bottle shouldn’t be larger than 50ml.

4. Get your gear ready. It's time to discover the artist in you – paint your banners and prepare your flags. They can be up to 2.0 x 1.5 metres. The maximum size of flexible flagpoles is 1m in length and 1cm in diameter.

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5. Get those costume ideas flowing. That ridiculous hat you never got around to wearing in public? The fancy dress you've been desperate to show off but haven't had the chance? Yep, now's the time! Don’t worry if you're more of a traditional type – your team's jersey and scarf will do. And remember FFP2 face masks are an indispensable accessory this season.

6. Pro-tip for matchday essentials: buy a poncho. It’s small enough to fit into your pocket and will prepare you for any summer showers coming your way.

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7. It’s always good to have a small power bank for your phone with you, especially if you’re a mobile ticket holder. The UEFA EURO 2020 app will be your trusted companion throughout your tournament journey, and don’t even get us started on all those photos and videos you’ll be sharing on Instagram.

Leave at home

1. Without a press pass, professional cameras or video cameras won’t be allowed inside the stadium, so no need to worry about how you’ll fit one into your A4 size bag. This includes SLR cameras and cameras that look similar to SLRs. If in doubt, don’t bring it along.

2. Food and drinks can’t be taken inside the stadium. But there will be plenty of options to choose from once you’re inside. Check our guide for must-try local foods in the city, too!

3. Large Umbrellas can’t be taken inside the venue, only small, foldable ones that fit into your A4 bag are allowed. Packing a poncho instead is the perfect alternative.

More questions?

Check out the Stadium Rules or Ticket FAQs to dig deeper.

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