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COVID-19 guidance for your EURO 2020 match

We hope you're excited for your matchday at Olimpico in Rome, but remember this won't be your usual stadium visit and we want to make sure this it's a safe and comfortable experience for all.

⚠️ All ticket holders aged six and over will be required to prove they are not infected with COVID-19 before entering the stadium. Please see below for more info.

Requirements for stadium entry at Olimpico in Rome

🎟️ Mobile match ticket and ID

Before you head to the stadium, make sure you have your match ticket ready on the EURO 2020 Mobile Tickets app. And don’t forget your passport or ID card.

❗ As required by the Italian authorities, you must provide the details of every ticket holder no later than two days before the match. You can do this through the “KEEP functionality” on the Mobile Tickets app. After this deadline, no ticket changes are transfers are permitted by the Italian authorities.

Ticket transfers need to be completed and ticket holder detail provided by the following deadlines as the very latest:

  • 3 July, Ukraine v England - deadline: 1 July, 21:00 CEST

For more information, please check the Ticketing FAQs.

👉 Face mask

Face masks are essential at the stadium, and it’s good to bring some spares.

It is strongly recommended you use surgical or FFP2 type of masks.

(Check out our Matchday checklist for more tips on what to pack!)

🕐 Entry time slots

To keep everyone safe, we have created entry time slots for every ticket holder. You will have a 30-minute window to arrive at the stadium. These slots have been created so that we can follow social distancing guidelines and we strongly recommend you follow them for a stress-free arrival.

🧪 Negative COVID-19 test result, proof of vaccination or certificate of previous infection

To enter Olimpico in Rome, all ticket holders aged six and over must:

  • Provide a negative COVID-19 molecular or antigen test result not older than 48 hours at the time of kick-off (in Italian or English, in printed or electronic form)
  • If you have a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate, you can simply show the certificate upon entry to the stadium. Make sure to double check that your certificate is valid and meets the requirements outlined in the three different categories below (tested/vaccinated/recovered).

Italian residents may alternatively present:

  • Either a proof of COVID-19 vaccination (issued by the Italian health authorities)
  • Or a certificate of previous infection (issued by the Italian health authorities and not older than six months)

Failure to provide one of these forms of evidence will mean you are unable to enter the stadium.

If you travelled to Rome from the UK, prepare for additional checks around the stadium. As you were required to self-isolate upon arrival in Italy, make sure you take your test-to-release certificate with you to the stadium.

If you are a UK or Ukrainian national living in Italy or another EU country, please ensure you carry a proof of EU residency with you to the stadium.

Negative COVID-19 molecular or antigen test
  • The test is only valid if not older than 48 hours* at the time of kick-off.
  • Show your negative test result upon entrance to the stadium.
  • It needs to be in Italian or English and can be presented in either printed or digital form.
  • There are no specific test centres; you can get tested at any medically certified centre in Italy or abroad.

*Your test is valid when taken:

  • Turkey vs Italy: after 21:00 on 9 June
  • Italy vs Switzerland: after 21:00 on 14 June
  • Italy vs Wales: after 18:00 on 18 June
  • Rome quarter-final: after 21:00 on 1 July
Proof of COVID-19 vaccination
  • Only certificates issued by the Italian health authorities are accepted.
  • Your certificate is valid from the 15th day of receiving your first dose. After your second dose (for two-dose type of vaccine), your certificate will be valid for nine months.
  • Show your certificate (in printed or electronic form) at the entrance and you're good to go in.
Certificate of previous COVID-19 infection
  • Only certificates issued by the Italian health authorities are accepted.
  • Your certificate cannot be older than six months on the day of your match. A positive COVID-19 test is not valid as certificate of previous infection.
  • Show your certificate (in printed or electronic form) at the entrance and you're good to go in.

Stadium capacity

According to current planning, Olimpico in Rome will be hosting 16,000 fans per match. That's about 25% of the stadium capacity.

Enjoying a safe EURO 2020 at the stadium
Enjoying a safe EURO 2020 at the stadium

Code of Conduct

Reducing the risk of a COVID-19 infection is our shared responsibility so we've implemented some new rules to help protect you and other football fans.

When attending a match at Olimpico in Rome,

  • Keep a distance of at least 1m to other fans.
  • Wear a face mask - the mask has to cover your mouth and nose at all times. We recommend you bring additional masks just in case.
  • Arrive at the stadium within your allocated 30 minute time slot.
  • Don't occupy any other seat than the one on your ticket.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands frequently. You can find sanitiser stations throughout the stadium.
  • Don't shake hands. Avoid hugs, high-fives and any close contact with others.
  • Stay at your seat during half time and limit your movements to and from your seat as much as possible.
  • Always follow the signs indicating which way to go.
  • Don't come to the stadium if you feel unwell or experience any symptoms of COVID-19.

All fans will be required to acknowledge that they've read and understood the full Code of Conduct.

Download the full code of conduct

What we're doing to keep you safe

Our main priority is to deliver a safe UEFA EURO 2020 for everyone, which is why we're working with the local governments and health authorities to ensure our measures adhere to the public health guidance of the host country.

UEFA via Getty Images

➡️ More about health and safety measures
  • A diligent cleaning regime will be reinforced. Highly frequented touchpoints such as door handles, handrails or counters will be disinfected regularly throughout the matchday. The entire stadium is cleaned on a regular basis before, during and after your visit.
  • Over 800 hand sanitiser units across the stadium will make it easy for everyone to follow recommended hygiene practices.
  • Cashless transactions – all venues will accept card payments, many via contactless payment, to further reduce shared contact.
  • We're implementing queuing management in front of lifts, concessions and other facilities. Clear floor markings help with direction and movement.
  • Education of staff - our Volkswagen Mobility Makers and everyone else working at the venue will have received extensive training to ensure we can deliver a safe and comfortable event according to best practice and government guidelines. This also includes providing all workforce with the necessary protective equipment such as face masks and gloves as required.
  • All mitigation measures will be promoted heavily throughout the stadium so that everyone is aware of the rules.

Let me give you a top tip

If you're unsure about something our UEFA EURO 2020 volunteers, the Volkswagen Mobility Makers, are there to help. They will have info points across the city of Rome and at Olimpico in Rome.


⚠️ COVID-19 entry requirement questions

Do children need to get tested?

Children between 0-5 are exempt from the requirements.

Can I get tested in Rome if I am not a Italian resident or citizen?

Yes, anyone can take a COVID-19 molecular or antigen test in Italy. Please find more information on test centres in the city here (Italian only).

What if my test comes back positive before my EURO 2020 match?

After a positive test result, you will not be allowed to attend the match. You will be asked to immediately follow the guidelines outlined by the Italian government (Italian only).

There will be no ticket refund and you will not be able to transfer your match ticket to someone else, because the Italian authorities have stipulated that ticket holder details must be provided no later than two days before your match.

🧳 General / travel-related questions

What do I need to consider if I travel from abroad to attend a EURO 2020 match?

If you’re travelling from abroad, remember you will have to comply with the border entry restrictions and requirements enforced in Italy at the time. Rules that are in place now may change closer to the tournament.

Please be aware that travel to Italy from high-risk countries is currently banned.

We encourage you to take those restrictions and requirements into consideration when deciding whether to return your tickets or keep them.

Check out our "Travel and transport" page for more information.

Where can I learn about the health situation in Italy?

Here are some useful links:

How many fans will be allowed inside the stadium?

This will differ across the 11 UEFA EURO 2020 venues, based on the local health regulations. At Olimpico in Rome, 16,000 fans will be allowed inside the match, corresponding to 25% of the stadium capacity.

🎟️ Tickets

I have a question about my EURO 2020 match ticket.

For any questions about your match ticket, please visit the Ticket FAQs.

🏟️ Stadium entry

When do I have to wear a face mask? What qualifies as a face mask?

Wearing a face mask is mandatory onsite at all times. The mask has to cover your mouth and nose.

You can safely take if off while you're seated to eat or drink. Bring additional masks just in case.

It is strongly recommended you use surgical or FFP2 type of masks.

Can I be exempt from wearing a mask?

If you're exempt from wearing a mask for medical reasons, you will not need to wear one at the stadium. You must be in possession of a doctor's certificate proving your exemption. Please be ready to show it upon entry and also to security staff in the stadium as required.

Are there any changes to the entry and exit procedure? How much time is it going to take?

Dedicated entry time slots will be in place that indicate the time you should arrive at your entrance for a stress-free arrival. Be sure to check which entry time slot you've been assigned so you can plan your journey to the stadium accordingly. This means you may need to travel to the stadium earlier than you're used to.

Can I bring my own hand sanitiser?

There will be plenty of hand sanitiser units throughout the stadium, but you can bring your own if you prefer. Note that the bottle should not be larger than 50ml.

How will you be enforcing the health & hygiene measures? What happens if I don’t follow them?

Staff onsite will remind you and guide you through the measures in place.

Any infringement of Code of Conduct may result in denial of access to the stadium, removal from the Stadium and/or further legal action, at the discretion of UEFA.

If you suspect that someone is not respecting the Spectators Code of Conduct, and you believe you are at risk, please inform a steward, volunteer, or another member of staff.

What do I do if I develop symptoms typical of COVID-19 after I've visited a EURO 2020 match?

Information on the measures you should take if you develop symptoms can be found on the Italian government's website.

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