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1. You’ll most certainly need a visa to enter Russia. Good news: as a match ticket holder, you will have to apply for a FAN ID, which is free of charge and gives you visa-free entry to Russia. Please see below for more details.

2. If you’re not a match ticket holder, a 30-day tourist visa is most common. Please apply at least one month before you travel, or even earlier if possible. Your local Russian embassy is the best place to go for official information and instructions. In most cases, an invitation letter from your hotel is required.

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3. Depending on your service provider, roaming charges in Russia can be expensive. It’s easy to find Wi-Fi spots in the city (e.g. restaurants, cafés, shopping malls), but you may like to purchase a local SIM card. That way, you’ll be able to navigate around the city with ease and ensure you’re always up to date with the UEFA EURO 2020 app.

4. Local time is UTC +3, i.e.:

  • UK, Ireland & Portugal: -2 hours
  • Amsterdam, Rome, Munich: -1 hour
  • Bucharest: +/- 0 hour
  • Baku: + 1 hour
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5. The local currency is the Rouble (R). ATMs are abundant and credit cards are widely accepted, but it’s best to always have some cash with you for everyday use.

6. Most supermarkets and shops are open seven days a week. Opening times vary, but late-night shopping until 22:00 is often possible.

7. Make sure your international travel insurance covers Russia.

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8. Yes, learning the Russian language is admittedly an ambitious task, but fear not: many people in urban Saint Petersburg speak at least basic English. However, a few key phrases and knowing the basics of the Cyrillic alphabet will get you a long way – our phrasebook can help.

9. If you’re considering renting a car from outside Russia to drive to Saint Petersburg, please be aware that most rental companies don’t permit driving across the Russian border.


The FAN ID is an identification document required by the Russian authorities for UEFA EURO 2020 matches. All fans that are going to see a match in Saint Petersburg need to have a FAN ID along with a valid match ticket in order to enter the stadium. Fans can apply for a FAN ID after purchasing a ticket or receiving a ticket confirmation email. The Fan ID will serve as a visa to enter Russia, along with valid proof of ID. Please note that UEFA is not responsible if your FAN ID application gets declined by the Russian authorities.