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The players' view: Dnipro v Sevilla

FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk duo Ruslan Rotan and Valeriy Fedorchuk, as well as Sevilla FC pair Fernando Navarro and José Antonio Reyes, give their thoughts ahead of the final.

José Antonio Reyes and Fernando Navarro address the assembled media in Warsaw
José Antonio Reyes and Fernando Navarro address the assembled media in Warsaw ©Getty Images

Dnipro captain Ruslan Rotan: "We have a sense of self-assuredness"
Dnipro midfielder Valeriy Fedorchuk: "We've come so far now that we're dreaming"
Sevilla captain Fernando Navarro: "We play every single match with humility"
Sevilla forward José Antonio Reyes: "We hope to make our supporters happy"

Ruslan Rotan, Dnipro captain
Of course we are emotional, we are excited because this is a first final for Dnipro. We will try to get hold of ourselves as soon as the whistle blows as we will have to concentrate. However, we are hungry for it so we will do everything we can to win.

It's a historic game for Dnipro. We have helped the people of Ukraine to get here by making some donations. We have paid for some tickets, we have helped some fans get here by paying for transportation – whatever we could do to get them here. We will try to give them positive emotions so that they can be happy.

Sevilla are the holders and that speaks for itself. We know they are very dangerous when they are given space so we need to make sure they don't get that.

When the coach came here he told us that we had a very good team but that we were slightly too emotional. He put a stop to that and made us calmer. We acquired a sense of self-assuredness and now we have become more balanced psychologically.

Valeriy Fedorchuk, Dnipro midfielder
We have watched lots of Sevilla games on video. The Spanish teams all play similarly – they love counterattacking and they have good forwards so we will need to pay lots of attention in defence. We will need to stay compact. We've come so far now that we're just dreaming, we're not thinking about other sides.

We very much hope to get the support [of the locals] because Warsaw is closer to Ukraine than Seville and we believe that more people will support us. We're neighbours and we really believe in that. If we win, we can make plenty of people very happy.

Fernando Navarro, Sevilla captain
It would be wonderful – as captain of course I would be the one to lift the trophy, but there's a long way to go and a lot of things to do. It'll be a very difficult match, not only because it's a final but because of the team we're up against. We know how difficult it will be to beat them, so of course we'd be very proud if we managed it.

It is a unique opportunity for us to be able to celebrate this trophy if we win. This year, there is also the very important prize of getting into the group stage of the Champions League. This is a twofold motivation for us – of course it's important to win a trophy, to make people happy. So just imagine if we win a trophy and get into the Champions League next season.

We have spent a lot of time watching them and Dnipro are a real team. We know how they play and we know they can really hurt us and do us damage. We hold them in high regard, the same as everyone. We play every single match with humility and in the knowledge we'll always be vulnerable if we don't give 100%. We respect every team and feel that they are on an equal footing. It might be different to the outside world, but this is 50-50 as far as we’re concerned.

José Antonio Reyes, Sevilla forward
The manager has not made the lineup known yet but we all have this dream and we're all excited – we want to play in the final, but of course the most important thing is to win. This is history and for Sevilla it would be a fourth title, which would be a record. It's a great goal for us, so we are hopeful that we will be lucky, make our supporters happy and make history.

José Antonio Reyes is put through his paces in training on Tuesday
José Antonio Reyes is put through his paces in training on Tuesday©Getty Images

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