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2017/18 UEFA Europa League revenue distribution

A total of €399.8m will be shared among the clubs in the 2017/18 UEFA Europa League - we explain how it is distributed from qualifying to the final.

A total of €399.8m will be shared among the clubs in the 2017/18 UEFA Europa League
A total of €399.8m will be shared among the clubs in the 2017/18 UEFA Europa League ©Getty Images

UEFA has released details of the distribution system to clubs of revenue from this season's UEFA Europa League, as well as the UEFA Champions League Cup and UEFA Super Cup.

The combined gross commercial revenue from the 2017/18 UEFA Champions League, 2017/18 UEFA Europa League and 2017 UEFA Super Cup is estimated at about €2.35bn, and it will be distributed in accordance with the system in place for UEFA's 2015–18 commercial cycle.

Of the estimated gross amount of €2.35bn, some 12% (€282m) will be allocated to cover organisational or administrative competition-related costs and 8.5% (€199.7m) to solidarity payments. Of the resultant net revenue of €1.86bn, 8% will be reserved for European football and remain with UEFA, and the other 92% will be distributed to the participating clubs.

On the basis of the revenue forecast and set allocations, the total amount available for distribution to participating clubs in 2017/18 will be €1,718.7m, of which €399.8m will go to clubs in the UEFA Europa League.

This net amount available to the participating clubs will be split – €239.8m in fixed payments, and €160m in variable amounts (or market pool) which will be distributed according to the proportional value of each television market represented by the clubs taking part in the UEFA Europa League (group stage onwards) and split among the various clusters of teams participating from a given association.

Each of the 48 clubs that feature in the group stage can expect to receive a group stage fee of €2.6m. There will also be performance bonuses of €360,000 for every win and €120,000 for every draw in the group stage. Moreover, qualification bonuses will be allotted to the teams that progress to the round of 32: the group winners can anticipate earning €600,000 apiece and the runners-up €300,000 each.

With regard to the knockout phase, sides competing in the round of 32 will collect €500,000 each, clubs in the round of 16 €750,000, the quarter-finalists €1m and the semi-finalists €1.6m apiece. The UEFA Europa League winners will pick up €6.5m and the runners-up €3.5m.

A team could receive, at best, €15.71m from playing in this season's competition – not counting the market pool share.

What is more, clubs participating in the qualifying rounds will be entitled to a respective payment of €215,000 for the first qualifying round), €225,000 (second), €235,000 (third) and €245,000 (play-off). Note, however, that the play-off winners will not receive the solidarity payment from that specific round.