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Nations League: League C results, how it worked

Greece, Türkiye, Kazakhstan and Georgia have all wrapped up promotion to League B.

Türkiye earned promotion on Matchday 5
Türkiye earned promotion on Matchday 5 Anadolu Agency via Getty Images


Greece ended their successful campaign in style with victory over Northern Ireland, who nevertheless stayed up as Cyprus were heavily beaten by Kosovo to slip into the relegation play-outs. Already assured of promotion, Türkiye and Kazakhstan both lost their unbeaten records in their final outings. For Group C1 winners Türkiye, that came in the form of a surprise 2-1 loss in the Faroe Islands, while Group C3 top dogs Kazakhstan were reduced to ten men on 35 minutes in a 3-0 defeat away to Azerbaijan. Georgia finished seven points clear in Group C4 with a 2-1 win in Gibraltar.

Highlights: Kosovo 5-1 Cyprus

Sunday 25 September
C1 Faroe Islands 2-1 Türkiye
C1 Luxembourg 1-0 Lithuania
C3 Azerbaijan 3-0 Kazakhstan
C3 Slovakia 1-1 Belarus

Monday 26 September
C4 Gibraltar 1-2 Georgia 
C4 North Macedonia 0-1 Bulgaria 

Tuesday 27 September
C2 Greece 3-1 Northern Ireland 
C2 Kosovo 5-1 Cyprus 

All fixtures 20:45 CET

At a glance

Promoted to Group B: Türkiye, Greece, Kazakhstan, Georgia
Destined for relegation play-outs: Lithuania, Cyprus, Belarus, Gibraltar

State of play

Group 1: Türkiye will compete in League B next time out after finishing top, with Lithuania set for the relegation play-outs.

Group 2: Greece are promoted, while Cyprus' final-day loss to Kosovo means they will be in the relegation play-outs.

Group 3: Kazakhstan have been promoted as section winners, while Belarus will take part in the relegation play-outs.

Group 4: Georgia have been promoted, while Gibraltar are consigned to the relegation play-outs.

Highlights: Georgia 2-0 North Macedonia

How League C of the UEFA Nations League worked

League C contained 16 teams, drawn into four groups of four. Teams played all their group opponents home and away in June and September 2022, with the group winners promoted to League B for the 2024/25 edition.

Teams finishing fourth enter the play-outs in March 2024, with the two teams defeated in those ties moving to League D.

League C groups

C1: Türkiye, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Faroe Islands
C2: Northern Ireland, Greece, Kosovo, Cyprus
C3: Slovakia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan
C4: Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Georgia, Gibraltar

All League C results


Türkiye and Georgia were the big winners in the opening round, though Luxembourg, Kosovo and Greece also impressed on their travels, with Luxembourg's Danel Sinani scoring twice in Lithuania. North Macedonia hit back to hold neighbours Bulgaria, while Tomáš Suslov scored the only goal as Slovakia saw off Belarus.

Highlights: Georgia 4-0 Gibraltar

Thursday 2 June
C2 Cyprus 0-2 Kosovo
C2 Northern Ireland 0-1 Greece
C4 Georgia 4-0 Gibraltar
C4 Bulgaria 1-1 North Macedonia

Friday 3 June
C3 Kazakhstan 2-0 Azerbaijan 
C3 Belarus 0-1 Slovakia

Saturday 4 June
C1 Lithuania 0-2 Luxembourg 
C1 Türkiye 4-0 Faroe Islands


Türkiye maintained their dominant start in Group C1, racking up a 6-0 win against Lithuania, while Georgia were also among the goals as they won 5-2 in Bulgaria, prompting the hosts' Yasen Petrov to resign after the game. Greece and Kazakhstan also maintained perfect records thanks to victories against Kosovo and Slovakia respectively.

Highlights: Bulgaria 2-5 Georgia

Sunday 5 June
C2 Cyprus 0-0 Northern Ireland
C2 Kosovo 0-1 Greece
C4 Gibraltar 0-2 North Macedonia
C4 Bulgaria 2-5 Georgia 

Monday 6 June
C3 Belarus 0-0 Azerbaijan 
C3 Slovakia 0-1 Kazakhstan 

Tuesday 7 June
C1 Faroe Islands 0-1 Luxembourg 
C1 Lithuania 0-6 Türkiye


Greece and Georgia extended their perfect records following 3-0 victories but Kazakhstan failed to make it three wins from three as they drew away to Belarus and Slovakia moved to within a point with their success. Another 100% record went when Luxembourg and Türkiye – who had both won their opening two games – faced off, with Serdar Dursun's clincher for the visitors making him the competition's top scorer with four goals.

Highlights: Greece 3-0 Cyprus

Thursday 9 June
C2 Greece 3-0 Cyprus
C2 Kosovo 3-2 Northern Ireland
C4 Gibraltar 1-1 Bulgaria 
C4 North Macedonia 0-3 Georgia 

Friday 10 June
C3 Azerbaijan 0-1 Slovakia
C3 Belarus 1-1 Kazakhstan

Saturday 11 June
C1 Faroe Islands 2-1 Lithuania
C1 Luxembourg 0-2 Türkiye


Greece became the first team to secure promotion by beating Kosovo 2-0, while Türkiye also improved their chances of going up by downing Lithuania to record a fourth straight win and move five points clear at the Group C1 summit. Undefeated Kazakhstan stretched their lead at the top of their section to four points, while Azerbaijan clinched their first victory. North Macedonia closed the gap at the Group C4 summit, as Georgia were held to a goalless draw by Bulgaria.

Highlights: Türkiye 2-0 Lithuania

Sunday 12 June
C2 Northern Ireland 2-2 Cyprus
C2 Greece 2-0 Kosovo
C4 Georgia 0-0 Bulgaria
C4 North Macedonia 4-0 Gibraltar

Monday 13 June
C3 Kazakhstan 2-1 Slovakia 
C3 Azerbaijan 2-0 Belarus 

Tuesday 14 June
C1 Luxembourg 2-2 Faroe Islands 
C1 Türkiye 2-0 Lithuania 


Türkiye, Kazakhstan and Georgia all wrapped up promotion with a game to spare. Türkiye secured the draw they needed at home to Luxembourg, while Kazakhstan saw off Belarus and Georgia completed the double over nearest challengers North Macedonia.

Highlights: Türkiye 3-3 Luxembourg

Thursday 22 September
C1 Lithuania 1-1 Faroe Islands 
C1 Türkiye 3-3 Luxembourg
C3 Kazakhstan 2-1 Belarus
C3 Slovakia 1-2 Azerbaijan 

Friday 23 September
C4 Georgia 2-0 North Macedonia
C4 Bulgaria 5-1 Gibraltar

Saturday 24 September
C2 Northern Ireland 2-1 Kosovo
C2 Cyprus 1-0 Greece 

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