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Wolfsburg heroines Müller and Goessling stunned

Winning goalscorer Martina Müller and player of the match Lena Goessling could barely contain their joy after VfL Wolfsburg's treble-clinching final defeat of Olympique Lyonnais.

Wolfsburg heroines Müller and Goessling stunned
Wolfsburg heroines Müller and Goessling stunned ©UEFA.com

Martina Müller joined VfL Wolfsburg in 2005 as a second division club and after scoring the penalty that won the UEFA Women's Champions League final, she told UEFA.com: "It feels like a dream."

Olympique Lyonnais had been unable to make their superiority tell when Müller stepped up to convert with 17 minutes left, giving the European debutants victory after a fortnight in which they also claimed their first Frauen Bundesliga title and German Cup. Müller praised their coaches' preparations while the UEFA Technical Team's player of the match Lena Goessling spoke of Wolfsburg's growing belief as the game went on – though she was still "stunned".

Martina Müller, goalscorer
At the moment it feels like a dream. It has gone quickly recently, winning one [trophy] after the other, but I think that tonight we can finally celebrate it all, and enjoy it, and digest it all in the next few days.

We knew we would be facing difficult opponents, and you saw that in the match too. We had to take advantage of the chances we got, and in the end it was decided on a penalty, but that totally doesn't matter – the important thing is that we won and we are the Champions League winners.

We knew it would be difficult to stop them completely, but our coaches prepared us well, showing us how to act in certain situations, and I think it worked out pretty well. We could have pressed a bit more in certain situations, but in the end it was enough, and that is what counts.

Now we will go and celebrate. I don't know [where]. We will be taken somewhere, and I just hope it will be nice. The families will come, and all our friends who travelled here, and we are just so happy.

Lena Goessling, player of the match
I don't think there are any words to describe this. It's incredible, I still can't really believe it, that we've really won all three titles. I'm stunned. I can't really say anything about it, because I'm just out of words.

I think it was a very complete team performance. We were prepared to play against a strong team who would attack us over and over, but I think we played very well tactically. We had a spell in the match for about 15 minutes when it didn't work out so well and they really put us under pressure, but we wanted to be dangerous especially on counterattacks. And in the end it worked out for us.

It's a great honour to have achieved [the treble] in the Champions League final, and to become player of the match, but I don't think I would have achieved it without the team. You need a team which works well together to become player of the match, and I think you could have awarded it to many other players, but for me it's certainly a special award.

I think [we believed] pretty early in the match when we created our first chances. We gained confidence and believed in ourselves, and when we finished the first half at 0-0 we thought that we could do it tonight. And in the end we were one goal better. 

I thought we now needed to keep Lyon as far as possible from our goal. We know the qualities they have, and we had some support from Lina Magull, who managed to keep the ball there up front, letting the clock tick down, and that's how our plan worked out. 

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