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Schelin surprised by ease of Lyon win at Brescia

Lotta Schelin said the margin of Olympique Lyonnais' 5-0 win at ACF Brescia took them by surprise while Roberta D'Adda summed up what the Italian debutants were lacking.

Schelin surprise after Lyon win

A year on from their round of 16 exit to 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam, Olympique Lyonnais returned to the UEFA Women's Champions League in style with a 5-0 victory at Italian debutants ACF Brescia.

Lotta Schelin, who got the second goal, told UEFA.com they did not expect to win by so many while new coach Gérard Precheur "can draw positive conclusions". Roberto D'Adda admitted the gap between Brescia and fully professional Lyon was just too great.

Lotta Schelin, Lyon forward
It's really good, of course, because we didn't expect [to win 5-0]. You know to go to Brescia and play at their home field, it's always difficult to go and play on the other side, but we scored three goals kind of fast and that was a good start for us and I think we could relax in our game afterwards. Then the second half was, like, we could score some goals but at the same time we just wanted to keep the game where we wanted it to be.

I wanted to play – I always want to play – so if the coach lets me stay [on], I'll stay. But of course the field was heavy because it has been raining and it was raining so you feel it a little bit in your legs and you are a little bit tired, but it's normal and it's nice to be playing in the Champions League again.

Amel Majri, Lyon midfielder
It's good we've managed to win the game. You could see they were quite aggressive, but we managed to get an early goal and then we were able to add to that. We made a few changes in the second half and that enabled us to rest a few players. It's good for us to be able to do that too.

Gérard Precheur, Lyon coach
We're very satisfied. We made a very good start to the game and we understood what we had to do technically and as a team, and we succeeded in keeping our rhythm in terms of the quality of our play and at least in the first half we managed to make the most of the spaces we thought we would find against Brescia. The girls respected the plan we had drawn up and they performed really well, and yes it was a good quality first half.

In the second half we rotated the team a little, but the one thing that bothers me a bit is that we brought in some top-quality players and it seemed to bring a bit of disorganisation to the team, which it shouldn't have. Nevertheless, it didn't prevent us creating plenty of good chances so overall we can draw positive conclusions.

Roberta D'Adda, Brescia defender
From games like this we certainly do take something even if we've lost so heavily. I think we did everything we could do, while on the other hand the gap between the two clubs is great. They train on a different level. Sadly for us, we've got girls who have other jobs and they had to take time off to be able to play tonight. Lyon play football [professionally], they get to do what they like to and want to do. It's completely different – for every eight times they train, we get to train four, five or six times so it's obvious that everything's different.

Barbara Bonansea, Brescia midfielder
They are professionals and their league is stronger and when you are faced with such a huge club, then you do get caught a bit in awe, being at a smaller club. Every game you play in Europe gives you something that you're always going to keep inside you. This is real football and, regardless of the result, each one of us will go home tonight having certainly gained something.

We had so many fans here and it makes us so proud – I want to thank them from me and from the whole team for coming to watch us. It was a great evening, but five goals was a lot to concede. We've got to move on and return to our own league now, aiming to do what we did last year.

Milena Bertolini, Brescia coach
There was a difference on many different levels – physical, technical and mental. They are used to playing on a stage like this. We're a new team and we paid, first of all, for the emotions of this first game [in the Champions League] for many of us – and then they are a fantastic side and we're still behind them. But these games are here to allow us to see where we are at and understand what we have to do to try to reach their level.

Above all, we've learnt to be more determined – to be more determined with our play and against the ball, where we were not determined enough. Unfortunately, our league doesn't yet give us the rhythm you need to play in the Champions League.

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