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Meet Paris Saint-Germain with Sabrina Delannoy

Paris Saint-Germain captain Sabrina Delannoy introduces a DJ, a princess, a bulldog, a little Verratti and someone that needs "a bit less" personality: that is, her team-mates.

Delannoy: My Paris team-mates

1 Katarzyna Kiedrzynek, goalkeeper
Kate has improved incredibly in the last three years.

2 Kenza Dali, midfielder
Kenza always sings unexpected songs in the dressing room. [Is she the DJ?] Yes, she is responsible for the beats!

3 Laure Boulleau, defender
Laure is first and foremost a friend. She is also someone who brings a lot of joie de vivre to the squad, and that is very important.

4 Laura Georges, defender
Laura is the rock of the team.

5 Sabrina Delannoy, defender
It's difficult to speak about myself ... I would say I am a quiet force. I might seem very calm and serene, but I am able to bring out a lot of energy and strength when necessary.

7 Lindsey Horan, forward
Lindsey is a little bit like the team mascot [laughs]. She was very young when she got here; she was a baby. We said she was the baby of the team. At the same time she has such incredible skills. We sometimes compare her to Abby Wambach, especially in the air. I hope she has a similar career.

Princess Kose
Princess Kose©UEFA.com

9 Kosovare Asllani, forward
Kose is the princess of the team. That's what we call her. She has a very feminine aspect; she has a very princess-like side to her. We joke about it with her. But it's positive of course.

10 Linda Bresonik, midfielder
Linda is very reserved, yet she is such a complete player and she has such great experience with Germany. To me, she has everything – left foot, right foot, pace, aerial power ...

11 Jessica Houara-D'Hommeaux, midfielder
Jess is a little bulldog who runs very fast and is very aggressive with the forwards.

12 Léa Declercq, forward
We have a special bond because we come from the same region. When we are together it's like being back at home.

13 Annike Krahn, defender
She was one of the first players I looked up to when the professional era began at Paris. We became friends right away and played alongside each other a lot during the first season. She is a friend I will keep after my career.

14 Kheira Hamraoui, midfielder
She has improved a lot since she arrived at Paris Saint Germain. She has a lot of personality. Maybe she should have a bit less sometimes ...

15 Ouleymata Sarr, forward
We call her Ouleye. She is a player who may appear laid-back but she has a lot of potential. We saw that [on 3 May in the 5-0 win against Rodez AF] in one of her first full appearances – she scored four times. The future looks promising.

16 Karima Benameur, goalkeeper
Karima ... small calves [laughs].

17 Aurélie Kaci, midfielder
She acts as though nothing matters to her, but once she is on the pitch she never gives up.

Sabrina has a quiet word to Marie-Laure about her hair
Sabrina has a quiet word to Marie-Laure about her hair©Getty Images

18 Marie-Laure Delie, forward
I need to mention her hairstyle because we always joke about it. She has to change her haircut, but apart from that don't change anything.

19 Fatmire Alushi, midfielder
She is a player I have played against. She scored against me when I was playing for Paris and she was at Frankfurt. I hope she now scores against Frankfurt and helps us win the final.

22 Josephine Henning, defender
Josephine is an unbeatable defender. I have never seen a forward who can dribble past Josephine.

23 Sara Gama, defender
Sara Gama is Forza Italia [laughs].

24 Ghoutia Karchouni, midfielder
Ghoutia is a very petite woman who's had a lot of injury problems, but when she is on the pitch she has a lot of strength.

27 Caroline Seger, midfielder (suspended for final)
She is very important in terms of team management. I talk a lot with her. Things quickly became quite natural between us as we see things the same way on many levels. Caroline is a great woman.

28 Shirley Cruz Traña, midfielder
Shirley is similar to Caroline. Shirley is probably the best player I have played with. She is our little [Marco] Verratti.

29 Anissa Lahmari, midfielder
She is one of the young players coming through, who listen a lot to us. I have known other clubs where the younger players acted like they knew it all, but I think Anissa's strength is listening to what others tell her – that will help her develop.

30 Ann-Katrin Berger, goalkeeper
Ann-Katrin is the quiet force.

Sabrina Delannoy was speaking to Louis Laffitte