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UEFA Women's Champions League finals: all you need to know

It's Wolfsburg vs Lyon in the 19th UEFA women's club final: all the stats from the previous 18.

Lyon lift the trophy for the sixth time in 2019
Lyon lift the trophy for the sixth time in 2019 ©AFP/Getty Images

The 19th UEFA women's club final will be played on Sunday in San Sebastián and for the fourth time Wolfsburg and Lyon go head-to-head for the trophy.

When the UEFA Women's Cup became the UEFA Women's Champions League in 2009/10, Wolfsburg were still three years from their competition debut and no French side had ever reached the final. Lyon made the decider that season, only to lose on penalties to Turbine Potsdam, but won for the next two years and now have six victories, including four in a row. Indeed, they are in their ninth final, all in the space of 11 campaigns.

Wolfsburg will have been involved in four of those finals, plus a fifth in 2014 against Tyresö, and are one of only two clubs outside Germany and France to contest the decider in the UEFA Women's Champions League era. The four Wolfsburg vs Lyon encounters constitute one more than the classic match-up in the UEFA Women's Cup period, FFC Frankfurt vs Umeå.

In 2015, Frankfurt set records of four wins and six finals, but subsequently they have been well eclipsed. Lyon's four in a row is two ahead of the old record, which they shared with Wolfsburg and Umeå, and the French side have now also established a record of five straight finals. (Between 2010 and 2013 they got to four straight finals, one more than Umeå had done in the first three seasons of the UEFA Women's Cup.)

Germany remain the dominant nation, however, with nine victories (achieved by four different clubs) overall to France's six, and a 16-11 lead in terms of final appearances. Barcelona last term were the 13th different finalist, with Spain the seventh country to have a club in the decider.

Lyon's record six triumphs
Lyon's record six triumphs
  • Finals (winners in bold)

UEFA Women's Champions League
2019/20: Wolfsburg (GER) vs Lyon (FRA)
2018/19: Lyon (FRA) 4-1 Barcelona (ESP)
2017/18: Wolfsburg (GER) 1-4 aet Lyon (FRA)
2016/17: Lyon (FRA) 0-0 aet, 7-6 pens Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
2015/16: Wolfsburg (GER) 1-1 aet, 3-4 pens Lyon (FRA)
2014/15: FFC Frankfurt (GER) 2-1 Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
2013/14: Tyresö (SWE) 3-4 Wolfsburg (GER)
2012/13: Wolfsburg (GER) 1-0 Lyon (FRA)
2011/12: Lyon (FRA) 2-0 FFC Frankfurt (GER)
2010/11: Lyon (FRA) 2-0 Turbine Potsdam (GER)
2009/10: Lyon (FRA) 0-0 aet, 6-7 pens Turbine Potsdam (GER)
UEFA Women's Cup

2008/09: Zvezda-2005 (RUS) 1-7 agg Duisburg (GER)
2007/08: Umeå (SWE) 3-4 agg FFC Frankfurt (GER)
2006/07: Umeå (SWE)  0-1 agg Arsenal (ENG)
2005/06: Turbine Potsdam (GER) 2-7 agg FFC Frankfurt (GER)
2004/05: Djurgården (SWE) 1-5 agg Turbine Potsdam (GER)
2003/04: Umeå (SWE) 8-0 agg FFC Frankfurt (GER)
2002/03: Umeå (SWE) 7-1 agg Fortuna Hjørring (DEN)
2001/02: Umeå (SWE) 0-2 FFC Frankfurt (GER)

  • Most wins

By club 
Lyon (FRA) 6
FFC Frankfurt (GER) 4
Turbine Potsdam (GER)/Umeå (SWE)/Wolfsburg (GER) 2
Arsenal (ENG)/Duisburg (GER) 1

By country
Germany 9
Sweden 2
England 1

By player
Sarah Bouhaddi (Lyon) 6
Wendie Renard (Lyon) 6
Eugénie Le Sommer (Lyon) 6

  • Most final appearances

By club (inc 2020)
Lyon (FRA) 9
FFC Frankfurt (GER) 6
Umeå (SWE) 5
Wolfsburg (GER) 5
Turbine Potsdam (GER) 4
Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) 2
Arsenal (ENG)/Barcelona (ESP)/Djurgården (SWE)/Duisburg (GER)/Fortuna Hjørring (DEN)/Tyresö (SWE)/Zvezda-2005 (RUS) 1

2019 final highlights: Hegerberg's hat-trick
2019 final highlights: Hegerberg's hat-trick

By country (inc 2020)
Germany 16
France 11
Sweden 7
Denmark, England, Russia, Spain  1
(2006 final counts as two German appearances, 2017 counts as two French appearances)

By player
By season
Sarah Bouhaddi (Lyon) 8
Wendie Renard (Lyon) 8
Amandine Henry (Lyon) 7
Eugénie Le Sommer (Lyon) 7

By games played (including both legs of a final)
Sarah Bouhaddi (Lyon) 8
Anna Paulson (Umeå) 8
Wendie Renard (Lyon) 8

  • Most final goals

By club
Umeå 18
Frankfurt 15
Lyon 13

By player
Conny Pohlers (Potsdam, Frankfurt) 8
Marta (Umeå, Tyresö) 6
Ada Hegerberg (Lyon) 5

Most goals in a final
Player, single game
Inka Grings 3 (Zvezda-2005 vs Duisburg, 2009 first leg)
Ada Hegerberg 3 (Lyon vs Barcelona, 2019)