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Women's Champions League round 1 draw: See the ties

August's group semi-finals include Glasgow City vs Roma and Fortuna Hjørring vs Eintracht Frankfurt, with a potential final bringing together Manchester City and Real Madrid again.

The likes of Ajax, Manchester City and Real Madrid were in the league path draw
The likes of Ajax, Manchester City and Real Madrid were in the league path draw UEFA

The UEFA Women's Champions League round 1 draw has set up the first ties of the 2022/23 season, with confirmed matches including Glasgow City against Roma and Fortuna Hjørring vs Eintracht Frankfurt, with a potential group final involving a rematch between Manchester City and Real Madrid.

Round 1 is one of two rounds before the 16-team group stage, which begins in October. Qualifying will be split into two sections: the champions path and the league path. In both paths, round 1 will consist of two stages, each of one-off knockout matches played in single-venue mini-tournaments: semi-finals (18 August) and finals/third-place play-offs (21 August).

The winners of each final (11 in the champions path, four in the league path) will progress to round 2, where 24 teams will compete for the last 12 slots in the group stage alongside holders Lyon and fellow direct entrants Barcelona, Chelsea and Wolfsburg.

See which teams enter in round 2 and group stage

Women's Champions League round 1 draw

The hosts of the knockout mini-tournaments will be confirmed from among the clubs in each group.

Champions path:

Group 1
Pomurje Beltinci (SVN) vs Shelbourne (IRL)
Valur (ISL) vs Hayasa (ARM)

Group 2
PAOK (GRE) vs Swansea City (WAL)
Ferencváros (HUN) vs Rangers (SCO)

Group 3
BIIK-Shymkent (KAZ) vs Split (CRO)
Vorskla-Kharkiv-2 (UKR) vs Lanchkhuti (GEO)

Group 4
Zürich (SUI) vs KÍ Klaksvík (FRO)
Apollon LFC (CYP) vs SFK Rīga (LVA)

Group 5
Anderlecht (BEL) vs UKS SMS Łódź (POL)
Gintra (LTU) vs KuPS Kuopio (FIN)

Group 6
Juventus (ITA) vs Racing FC Union Luxembourg (LUX)
Flora Tallinn (EST) vs Qiryat Gat (ISR)

Group 7
Universitatea Olimpia Cluj (ROU) vs Glentoran (NIR)
SFK 2000 Sarajevo (BIH) vs Birkirkara (MLT)

Group 8
Twente (NED) vs Agarista CSF Anenii Noi 2020 (MDA)
SL Benfica (POR) vs Hajvalia (KOS)

Group 9
Dinamo-BSUPC (BLR) vs Lokomotiv Stara Zagora (BUL)
St. Pölten (AUT) vs Ljuboten (MKD)

Group 10
Breznica Pljevlja (MNE) vs Spartak Myjava (SVK)
Bye to final: Vllaznia (ALB)

Group 11
Brann (NOR) vs ALG Spor (TUR)
Bye to final: Spartak Subotica (SRB)

League path:

Group 1
Paris FC (FRA) vs Servette FCCF (SUI)
Glasgow City (SCO) vs Roma (ITA)

Group 2
FC Minsk (BLR) vs Slovácko (CZE)
Breidablik (ISL) vs Rosenborg (NOR)

Group 3
Ajax (NED) vs Kristianstad (SWE)
Fortuna Hjørring (DEN) vs Eintracht Frankfurt (GER)

Group 4
Real Madrid (ESP) vs Sturm Graz (AUT)
Manchester City (ENG) vs Tomiris-Turan (KAZ)

• KÍ Klaksvík and Sarajevo are entering for a record 20th time (including the pre-2009 UEFA Women's Cup). Sarajevo will set a new outright record of 20 straight appearances as Brøndby have missed out for the first time since they made their debut in the third edition of the UEFA Women's Cup in 2003/04.

• Eintracht Frankfurt won four titles under their previous guise of FFC Frankfurt. Fortuna Hjørring were runners-up in 2002/03.

• Juventus and Real Madrid reached last season's quarter-finals. Also hoping for a group stage return are Benfica, Breidablik and Servette.

• Madrid beat Manchester City in round 2 last year to reach the group stage; similarly Servette defeated Glasgow City.

• Debuts: Brann, KuPS, Ljuboten, Lokomotiv Stara Zagora, Rangers, Real Sociedad, Roma, Spartak Myjava, Tomiris-Turan, UKS SMS Łódź.

• Paris FC previously entered as Juvisy, reaching the 2012/13 semi-finals. Manchester City have twice made the last four.

The champions path groups
The champions path groupsUEFA

Season calendar

Round 1 (one-venue mini-tournaments)
Semi-finals: 18 August
Finals/third-place play-offs: 21 August

Round 2 draw
13:00 CET, 1 September, Nyon

Round 2
First leg: 20/21 September
Second leg: 28/29 September

Group stage draw
13:00 CET, 3 October, Nyon

Group stage
Matchday 1: 19/20 October
Matchday 2: 26/27 October
Matchday 3: 23/24 November
Matchday 4: 7/8 December
Matchday 5: 15/16 December
Matchday 6: 21/22 December

Quarter-final & semi-final draw
13:00 CET, 10 February, Nyon

First leg: 21/22 March
Second leg: 29/30 March

First leg: 22/23 April
Second leg: 29/30 April

Final (PSV Stadion, Eindhoven)
3 or 4 June tbc

Who enters in round 1?

Champions path draw

  • The 42 teams entering at this stage are the champions of the associations ranked eighth and below (with Russia excluded).
  • They were drawn into 11 single-venue knockout mini-tournaments: nine of four clubs and two with three teams.
  • The winners of the finals will progress to round 2, into which three teams have direct entry. Seven group stage places will be on offer in round 2.

League path draw

  • Sixteen teams enter at this stage: the runners-up from the associations ranked seventh to 16th and the third-placed teams from the associations ranked first to sixth.
  • They were drawn into four knockout mini-tournaments of four teams each.
  • The winners of the four finals will progress to round 2, into which six teams have direct entry. Five group stage places will be on offer in round 2.

How the draw worked

  • Clubs were seeded for round 1 in accordance with the club coefficient rankings established at the beginning of the season.
  • In the champions path, the teams were divided into two pots: Pot 1 (seeded, 22 teams) and Pot 2 (unseeded, 20 teams).
  • Teams were drawn into two semi-final ties within each four-team group, with the teams in Pot 1 designated as the 'home' teams of semi-finals 1 and 2 respectively (regardless of the host club). In each final and third-place match, the team with the highest coefficient in each case is designated as the 'home' team.
  • For the two champions path groups with three teams, the side with the highest coefficient is seeded directly to the final; the remaining two teams play a single-leg tie.
  • In the league path, the 16 teams were split into two pots of eight teams (Pot 1, seeded and Pot 2, unseeded).
  • Sides were drawn into two semi-final ties within each four-team group, with the teams in Pot 1 designated as the home teams of semi-finals 1 and 2 respectively.
  • Based on UEFA Executive Committee decisions valid at the time of the draw, clubs from the following pairs of associations could not be drawn into the same group: Kosovo/Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo/Serbia, and Ukraine/Belarus.

Seeding pots

Champions path

Pot 1 (seeded)
1 Juventus (ITA) 30.900
2 BIIK-Shymkent (KAZ) 30.600
3 St. Pölten (AUT) 25.700
4 Zürich (SUI) 22.500
5 Gintra (LTU) 18.600
6 Spartak Subotica (SRB) 16.800
7 Vllaznia (ALB) 14.400
8 Twente (NED) 13.900
9 SL Benfica (POR) 13.600
10 Apollon LFC (CYP) 13.000
11 Anderlecht (BEL) 12.400
12 SFK 2000 Sarajevo (BIH) 11.400
13 Universitatea Olimpia Cluj (ROU) 10.800
14 Vorskla-Kharkiv-2 (UKR) 10.200
15 Valur (ISL) 8.350
16 Ferencváros (HUN) 8.300
17 PAOK (GRE) 7.600
18 Pomurje Beltinci (SVN) 7.400
19 Breznica Pljevlja (MNE) 6.000
20 Dinamo-BSUPC (BLR) 5.400
21 Flora Tallinn (EST) 4.600
22 Brann (NOR) 4.500

Pot 2 (unseeded)
23 Rangers (SCO) 4.400
24 Lanchkhuti (GEO) 3.800
25 Split (CRO) 3.700
26 Racing FC Union Luxembourg (LUX) 3.600
27 KÍ Klaksvík (FRO) 3.600
28 Shelbourne (IRL) 3.500
29 Birkirkara (MLT) 3.000
30 Swansea City (WAL) 2.900
31 Qiryat Gat (ISR) 2.800
32 ALG Spor (TUR) 2.600
33 SFK Rīga (LVA) 2.400
34 Agarista CSF Anenii Noi 2020 (MDA) 2.400
35 Glentoran (NIR) 2.200
36 UKS SMS Łódź (POL) 2.200
37 KuPS Kuopio (FIN) 1.900
38 Hayasa (ARM) 1.400
39 Lokomotiv Stara Zagora (BUL) 1.200
40 Hajvalia (KOS) 1.100
41 Spartak Myjava (SVK) 1.100
42 Ljuboten (MKD) 0.400

League path

Pot 1 (seeded)
1 Manchester City (ENG) 63.200
2 Glasgow City (SCO) 33.400
3 Fortuna Hjørring (DEN) 28.550
4 Real Madrid (ESP) 26.233
5 FC Minsk (BLR) 23.400
6 Ajax (NED) 20.900
7 Breidablik (ISL) 17.850
8 Paris FC (FRA) 17.666

Pot 2 (unseeded)
9 Eintracht Frankfurt (GER) 15.133
10 Servette FCCF (SUI) 10.500
11 Kristianstad (SWE) 8.833
12 Slovácko (CZE) 7.766
13 Sturm Graz (AUT) 6.700
14 Rosenborg (NOR) 6.500
15 Roma (ITA) 5.900
16 Tomiris-Turan (KAZ) 4.600

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