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UEFA Women's EURO 2017 finals: all you need to know

All you need to know about UEFA Women's EURO 2017 in the Netherlands.

UEFA Women's EURO 2017 finals: all you need to know
UEFA Women's EURO 2017 finals: all you need to know ©Getty Images

UEFA Women's EURO 2017 has reached its climax after the Netherlands defeated Denmark 4-2 in a thrilling final, three weeks on from the start of the tournament. Here is all you need to know about the expanded 16-team, 31-match spectacular …

UEFA Women’s EURO 2017: Meet the teams

Who took part?

Sixteen teams began the tournament in four groups ...

Group A: Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Belgium
Group B: Germany, Sweden, Italy, Russia
Group C: France, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland
Group D: England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal

Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland and Portugal qualified for the first time.

Who was selected in each squad?

Get details of all the teams' squads on UEFA.com

How did the competition work?

The top two teams in each group progressed to the knockout phase.

When were the games?

They began on 16 July with the opening matches in Group A, with Group B starting the next day and so on. The group stage ended on 27 July and two days later the knockout stage commenced with the quarter-finals. The Netherlands beat England and Denmark edged Austria in the semi-finals on Thursday 3 August, before the hosts won the final 4-2 on Sunday 6 August in Enschede.

Behind the scenes with the teams

Where were the games?

There were seven venues ...

Breda: Rat Verlegh Stadion (group games 17, 20, 23, 26 July; semi-final 3 August)
Deventer: Stadion De Adelaarshorst (group games 18, 21, 24, 27 July; quarter-final 30 July)
Doetinchem: Stadion De Vijverberg (group games 16, 19, 22, 25 July; quarter-final 29 July)
Enschede: FC Twente Stadion (semi-final 3 August; final 6 August)
Rotterdam: Sparta Stadion (group games 17, 20, 23, 26 July; quarter-final 29 July)
Tilburg: Willem II Stadion (group games 18, 21, 24, 27 July; quarter-final 30 July)
Utrecht: Stadion Galgenwaard (group games 16, 19, 22, 25 July)

How can I join the conversation on social media?

We have been covering the tournament on the official @UEFAWomensEURO accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Use #WEURO2017 to have your say.

Watch great Germany goals

Who has won the tournament?

2017: Netherlands
2013: Germany
2009: Germany
2005: Germany
2001: Germany
1997: Germany
1995: Germany
1993: Norway
1991: Germany
1989: West Germany
1987: Norway
1984: Sweden

Anything else to know?

During the tournament, UEFA – in collaboration with social responsibility partners the World Heart Federation and Hartstichting in the Netherlands – promoted 'healthy hearts', with the goal of increasing awareness of the importance of sport and encouraging children, women and fans in general to be more active in their everyday lives. Cardiovascular disease remains the first cause of premature deaths among women.

'Together #WePlayStrong' campaign

UEFA is aiming to make football the number one women's particpation sport across Europe within five years. The focus is on growing participation to achieve this and will be built around a campaign called 'Together #WePlayStrong'. It focuses on three key pillars that showcase the best of the game: skill, togetherness and positive attitude. The campaign was launched ahead of the UEFA Women's Champions League final and was at the heart of UEFA's editorial coverage of Women's EURO.

Meet the teams

Group stage:
Sunday 16 July: Group A
Netherlands 1-0 Norway (Utrecht)
Denmark 1-0 Belgium (Doetinchem)

Monday 17 July: Group B
Italy 1-2 Russia (Rotterdam)
Germany 0-0 Sweden (Breda)

Tuesday 18 July: Group C
Austria 1-0 Switzerland (Deventer)
France 1-0 Iceland (Tilburg)

Wednesday 19 July: Group D
Spain 2-0 Portugal (Doetinchem)
England 6-0 Scotland (Utrecht)

Thursday 20 July: Group A
Norway 0-2 Belgium (Breda)
Netherlands 1-0 Denmark (Rotterdam)

Friday 21 July: Group B
Sweden 2-0 Russia (Deventer)
Germany 2-1 Italy (Tilburg)

Saturday 22 July: Group C
Iceland 1-2 Switzerland (Doetinchem)
France 1-1 Austria (Utrecht)

Sunday 23 July: Group D
Scotland 1-2 Portugal (Rotterdam)
England 2-0 Spain (Breda)

Monday 24 July: Group A
Belgium 1-2 Netherlands (Tilburg)
Norway 0-1 Denmark (Deventer)

Tuesday 25 July: Group B
Russia 0-2 Germany (Utrecht)
Sweden 2-3 Italy (Doetinchem)

Wednesday 26 July: Group C
Switzerland 1-1 France (Breda)
Iceland 0-3 Austria (Rotterdam)

Thursday 27 July: Group D
Portugal 1-2 England (Tilburg)
Scotland 1-0 Spain (Deventer)

Saturday 29 July
Netherlands 2-0 Sweden (Doetinchem)

Sunday 30 July
Germany 1-2 Denmark (Rotterdam, postponed from Saturday)
Austria 0-0 Spain (5-3 pens, Tilburg)
England 1-0 France (Deventer)

Thursday 3 August

Denmark 0-0 Austria (3-0 pens, Breda)
Netherlands 3-0 England (Enschede)

Sunday 6 August 
Netherlands 4-2 Denmark (Enschede)


Past finals
UEFA European Women's Championship
2013: Germany 1-0 Norway; Solna, Sweden
2009: Germany 6-2 England; Helsinki, Finland
2005: Germany 3-1 Norway; Blackburn, England
2001: Germany 1-0 Sweden (aet, golden goal); Ulm, Germany
1997: Germany 2-0 Italy; Oslo, Norway
1995: Germany 3-2 Sweden; Kaiserslautern, Germany
1993: Norway 1-0 Italy; Cesena, Italy
1991: Germany 3-1 Norway (aet); Aalborg, Denmark
UEFA European Competition for Representative Women's Teams
1989: West Germany 4-1 Norway; Osnabruck, West Germany
1987: Norway 2-1 Sweden; Oslo, Norway
1984: Sweden 1-1 England (4-3 pens); two legs, Gothenburg and Luton