2017/18 WU19 EURO qualifying round draw pots

The 2017/18 qualifying round draw is made at 10:00CET on Friday 11 November, with 48 hopefuls beginning their bids to join hosts Switzerland in the final tournament.

The draw begins the road to the 2018 finals

The 2017/18 UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship qualifying round draw will be made in Nyon at 10:00CET on Friday 11 November, with 48 sides beginning their bids to join hosts Switzerland in the final tournament.

Draw procedure & seeding pots
Pot A:
Spain, France, Germany, England, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Belgium, Denmark, Russia*, Finland

Pot B: Austria, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Serbia*, Ukraine*, Turkey, Slovenia

Pot C: Croatia, Northern Ireland, Hungary, Azerbaijan*, Greece, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Moldova, Slovakia, Wales, Montenegro, Estonia

Pot D: Faroe Islands, FYR Macedonia, Cyprus, Israel, Albania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Armenia*, Kosovo*

*Based on previous decisions of the UEFA Executive Committee and UEFA Emergency Panel, the following pairs of teams cannot be drawn together: Russia & Ukraine, Azerbaijan & Armenia, Serbia & Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina & Kosovo

Bye to final tournament: Switzerland (hosts)

Who is involved?
• Hosts Switzerland qualify directly for the final tournament in summer 2018.

• The remaining 48 entrants start in the qualifying round where they will be split into 12 groups of four.

• Kosovo are entering their first competitive women's national-team tournament.

The draw
• There are four seeding pots in accordance with the coefficient rankings list, with the 12 countries with the highest ranking in Pot A, the next 12 in Pot B, and so on.

• Each group will have one team from each pot, with hosts then appointed to stage the mini-tournaments, provisionally scheduled between 11 and 29 September, or 16 and 24 October 2017.

Road to Switzerland
• The top two sides in every group go into the elite round, provisionally in spring 2018.

• Seven teams will eventually qualify for the finals to join Switzerland.