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2019 Women's U19 EURO team of the tournament

Champions France and runners-up Germany dominate the team of the tournament with four players each.

Melvine Malard was the top scorer - and is in the team of the tournament
Melvine Malard was the top scorer - and is in the team of the tournament ©Sportsfile


Justine Lerond (France & Metz)


Laura Donhauser (Germany & Bayern München)
Sophia Kleinherne (Germany & FFC Frankfurt)
Laia Aleixandri (Spain & Atlético Madrid)
Maëlle Lakrar (France & Montpellier)


Romée Leuchter (Netherlands & PSV Eindhoven)
Rosa Márquez (Spain & Real Betis)
Marie Müller (Germany & Freiburg)
Sandy Baltimore (France & Paris Saint-Germain)


Nicole Anyomi (Germany & Essen)
Melvine Malard (France & Lyon)


Cata Coll (Spain & Barcelona)
Lisa Ebert (Germany & FFC Frankfurt)
Julie Dufour (France & LOSC Lille)
Anna Torrodà (Spain & Espanyol)
Leonie Köster (Germany & Bayern München)
Olaug Tvedten (Norway & Avaldsnes)
Paulina Krumbiegel (Germany & Hoffenheim)
Eva Navarro (Spain & Levante)
Jessica Naz (England & Tottenham Hotspur)

  • Ebert, Torrodà and Krumbiegel all made the team of the tournament last year.
  • Aleixandri made the 2016 and 2017 Women's U17 teams of the tournament (full squads with no specific first XI).
  • Lerond, Lakrar and Tvedten were also in the 2017 Women's U17 selection.
  • Navarro featured in the 2018 Women's U17 team of the tournament.