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Our stakeholders


Players Unions

Building close relations with footballers is fundamental to our mission, from providing opportunities and access to the necessary infrastructure and support at all levels of the pyramid to delivering world-class competitions in which they can excel.

Spain's  Olga Carmona celebrates with team-mates during the 2024 UEFA Women's Nations League final
Spain's Olga Carmona celebrates with team-mates during the 2024 UEFA Women's Nations League final AFP via Getty Images

We engage with footballers across all aspects of the European game so they can fulfil their potential on and off the field. This includes protecting players' health and welfare, creating pathways for young talent, and giving professionals a voice in our decisions on matters that can have a significant impact on them.

How we collaborate

We interact with players in many ways, but primarily through FIFPRO Europe, the recognised representative body of player unions across Europe with over 25 member player associations. Collaboration is either through bilateral meetings, UEFA's standing committees or in working groups involving other stakeholders such as national football associations, the European Leagues and the European Club Association.

Whatever the form, our partnership is essential for the smooth running of professional football. Together we are committed to delivering the best club and national team competitions for players, while preserving competitive balance, financial sustainability and, above-all, sporting integrity – a core principle of the European sports model.

Where we work together

UEFA's consultation with players includes:

Player representation

  • Inclusion in decision-making processes, including the UEFA Football Board

Player eligibility and registration

  • Transfer status and registration deadlines

Player welfare

  • Regulations on match scheduling, medical standards and anti-doping measures

Financial sustainability

  • Regulations protecting players’ financial and employment security

Youth players

  • Providing opportunities and funding for young footballers

Player education

  • Resources and support for player development off the field, including financial literacy, career planning and personal development programmes

Anti-discrimination and inclusion

  • Policies and campaigns aimed at tackling racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination

Player recognition and awards

  • Awards recognising outstanding player performances; from 2024 this includes the prestigious Ballon d’Or

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