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The power of the EUROs to transform lives and communities

For 20 years, men's EURO revenue has funded hundreds of football development projects across Europe that leave a lasting legacy for football and society.

How EURO 2024 is developing football across Europe

Every EURO has its own unique story that is etched into football folklore. But the tournament is also the starting point for hundreds of less visible storylines that reveal the game's power to change lives and communities.

Each begins with UEFA's HatTrick programme, which distributes more than half of every men's EURO tournament's net revenue to each of Europe's 55 national football associations to develop the game in their country. The funding kick-starts a range of success stories touching all levels of the football pyramid.

Locally, it pays for mini-pitches, club development, amateur coach education, school football and countless other grassroots initiatives that give more people the chance to get involved in the game, regardless of ability, age, gender or ethnicity. Nationally, it helps associations to build national stadiums and training centres and to invest in the players, coaches, referees and administrators who will use them.

But the sport's immense popularity and influence mean the impact of many projects resonates far beyond the football community. Some contribute to breaking social barriers and promoting the benefits of health and well-being. Others drive economic development and tackle climate change. Together, they inspire positive social change.

To celebrate 20 years of the HatTrick programme, UEFA has invited individuals from across Europe to talk about their first-hand experience of how a EURO-funded development project has helped change their life and community. Their words and experiences offer a reminder of football's potential to make society a better place.

EURO 2024 explainer: where does the money go?

Few major sports competitions do more than the EURO to ensure that the money generated by the sale of commercial and media rights and tickets spreads beyond the tournament to benefit all of football and society.

Since 2004, UEFA's HatTrick programme has distributed an average of 66% of each men's EURO's net revenue to UEFA's 55 member associations, to fund development projects across the football pyramid.

As the EURO has grown, so has HatTrick. After 20 years and five men's EUROs, the largest solidarity fund in sport has distributed a cumulative €2.6 billion and delivered more than 800 projects. Over the next four years, €935 million of EURO 2024 revenue will go back into the game – 21% more than in 2020.

HatTrick investment is catalytic, opening the door for additional funding from the public and private sectors. Every €1 in EURO funds generates more than €3 in investment from governments, local authorities and clubs.

For UEFA, the success of EURO 2024 will not only be based on four weeks of football drama in Germany, but also on the four-year impact of hundreds of EURO-powered development projects and the success stories they create.

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