Event design for 2015 Europa League final

The visual identity of the 2015 UEFA Europa League final gives an imaginative impression of the streets of Warsaw packed with fans, with the trophy itself rising out of National Stadium.


UEFA's final identity for this season's UEFA Europa League final encapsulates some of the spirit of the Polish capital, which will host the game on Wednesday 27 May 2015.

The identity, created by UEFA for each major competition final, is a visual concept that strives to celebrate the occasion as well as the unique characteristics of the host city. For the 2015 final, Warsaw is depicted as a city of contrasts, with bold modern architecture on the one hand and the more intimate atmosphere of the old town on the other. That sense of heritage and continuity chimes in with the ethos of the UEFA Europa League, a footballing melting pot where great European names and unheralded hopefuls compete on a par.

The contrasts in Warsaw's architecture depicted on the visual identity for the final help to evoke that sense of old and new, with the Świętokrzyski Bridge – which fans must use to cross the river Vistula and reach National Stadium Warsaw from the old town – an important symbol. As well as depicting a notable local landmark, it crystallises the key concept of 'Journeys to European Success', integral to the spirit of the UEFA Europa League – a competition which, thanks to the diversity of the clubs involved, boasts a cultural and geographical sweep greater even than the UEFA Champions League.

The visual identity gives an imaginative impression of the streets of Warsaw packed with fans on the night of the final, with the trophy itself rising out of National Stadium – now an important local landmark, having been built to stage matches at UEFA EURO 2012 and as home to the Poland national team.

The colour palette is intimate and welcoming, the scale of the drama suitably large. The final in Warsaw will mark the end of a long and thrilling journey, with the visual identity sure to be a key element of the drama for fans, players and partners alike.

The event design for the 2015 UEFA Europa League final can be downloaded from UEFA.org.