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Former Bayern star Elber answers your tweets

A UEFA Champions League winner in 2001, Giovane Elber took time out at the UEFA Champions Festival to answer your Twitter questions ahead of his old club's final against Chelsea FC.

Giovane Elber answered questions from users via Twitter at the UEFA Champions Festival
Giovane Elber answered questions from users via Twitter at the UEFA Champions Festival ©UEFA.com

As part of the most digital UEFA Champions Festival yet, we gave users the chance to tweet their questions for former FC Bayern München forward Giovane Elber, using #AskElber. Prior to leading a skills clinic with former Chelsea FC defender Celestine Babayaro, Elber spoke to UEFA.com about his career, Saturday's showpiece and Bayern's top scorer Mario Gomez.

Rafael McBhoona @tonypop07: What's your greatest footballing memory?

Giovane Elber: I have two actually, one bad and one good. The bad one was losing the UEFA Champions League final in 1999. That was the worst defeat I suffered in my life. The best memory was, without doubt, when we won the Champions League and the Bundesliga in 2001. It was a great time.

Derkyi - @derkyiFCB: How influential was Oliver Kahn for Bayern in your time at the club?

Elber: Very! Olli Kahn was always important for our team. We had Kahn at the back, [Stefan] Effenberg in the middle and me up front. It worked so well. We always listened to what Olli Kahn had to say and we always tried to do what he told us. We always did our best and that's why we won so many titles.

Scott Shannon @scottshannon26: Who is the best player you have played with or against in your great career?

Elber: [Alessandro] Nesta of AC Milan. There was also Jaap Stam at Manchester United, he was a tough bloke.

Josh Alidina @Joshshua: Hi Giovane, do you believe Bayern can make history with this team, just as Barcelona did four years ago?

Elber: I wouldn't have thought so at the start of the season. I looked at the team and thought they looked good in attack but they had several major problems in defence. However, we've seen how they've pulled together, which is always important, and now they're in the final. Hopefully they'll win it and it will prove the start of a new era. We'll be able to forget about 2001 and people will remember the team of 2012.

Tuna Ersoy @tunaersoy: What do you think about Mario Gomez? Does he have enough quality to become a Bayern legend?

Elber: For sure. Just look at the amount of goals he's scored. Mario isn't the same type of striker that I was. I often drifted out wide but Mario is a centre forward. He stays in the middle and if he gets the right service, he scores.

Rudolf Sebyeng @kindeuces: Do you think Bayern are favourites to win on Saturday?

Elber: No, I don't think there is a favourite. Chelsea deserve their place in the final. They beat a very strong side in Barcelona, as did Bayern, but I think it's 50-50. The team which makes the fewest mistakes will come out on top. However, it's going to be a very tough match and I think it will be decided on penalties. Germans are always calmer on penalties, so perhaps Bayern will win!