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Dortmund's Klopp delighted by 'amazing feeling'

Jürgen Klopp described Borussia Dortmund's defeat of Real Madrid CF as "the stuff dreams are made of" whilst José Mourinho said the consequences for his beaten side "aren't dramatic".

Dortmund's Klopp delighted by 'amazing feeling'
Dortmund's Klopp delighted by 'amazing feeling' ©UEFA.com

Jürgen Klopp, Dortmund coach
The feeling is amazing; it was a sensational evening for us and truly the stuff dreams are made of. It was not a perfect match, but in terms of passion and fighting spirit it was quite close. There were spells in the first half where things didn't quite go to plan, but there is no reason to be overly critical as overall we played very well. It was an exceptional Champions League night. It reminded me of some of Werder Bremen's past games where you were constantly wondering 'How did they manage that?!'

This game will give my players a confidence boost. They have been criticised a lot in recent weeks. If anyone doubted the character of my team, then they have lost all my respect. We always want to play well but unfortunately it's not always possible to play like we did today. Marcel Schmelzer was outstanding. Germany are very lucky to have a left-back of his calibre.

Everything that was said about this group before the competition started is nonsense. Ajax were meant to finish last and we were predicted to come third. Ajax have shown that they are a very capable team at this level. It was a tough group at the start and it is still a tough group. Unfortunately it will remain tough for the remaining three games.

José Mourinho, Madrid coach
We can't be satisfied with this, but it isn't a drama. We've lost a game, but the consequences aren't dramatic. We are second in the standings. We have six points and have two games to play at home. Achieving the necessary points to advance is within our grasp. The fans here push their team on in a mannerly fashion. They aren't aggressive. We like to play in these types of atmospheres.

I told my players that the goal would arrive when our opponents lost possession, and that's what happened. There was a lot of pressure on the pitch and it was difficult to find a way to unbalance them. There were few chances and little in the way of creativity. They scored, closed up at the back and we didn't manage to create. It was a hard game to play. Neither team demonstrated their best tonight.