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2013/14 UEFA Champions League access list

The 2013/14 UEFA Champions League begins with the draw for the first and second qualifying rounds at UEFA's headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, on 24 June 2013. Europe's leading club competition comes to a conclusion when the final takes place at Lisbon's Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica on Saturday 24 May 2014.

A country's representation in the UEFA Champions League is determined by its UEFA coefficient ranking, which is calculated over a five-year basis.

All information is provisional and subject to final confirmation from UEFA.

2013/14 UEFA Champions League access list
AssociationLeague RouteChampions RouteGroup stage
N/AHolders      TH
1England N4    CH RU N3
2Spain N4    CH RU N3
3Germany N4    RU N3
4Italy N3    CH RU
5Portugal N3    CH RU
6FranceN3     CH RU
7RussiaRU     CH
8NetherlandsRU     CH
9UkraineRU     CH
10GreeceRU     CH
11TurkeyRU     CH
12BelgiumRU     CH
13DenmarkRU     CH
14SwitzerlandRU   CH  
15AustriaRU   CH  
16Cyprus    CH  
17Israel   CH   
18Scotland   CH   
19Czech Republic   CH   
20Poland   CH   
21Croatia   CH   
22Romania   CH   
23Belarus   CH   
24Sweden   CH   
25Slovakia   CH   
26Norway   CH   
27Serbia   CH   
28Bulgaria   CH   
29Hungary   CH   
30Finland   CH   
31Georgia   CH   
32Bosnia and Herzegovina   CH   
33Republic of Ireland   CH   
34Slovenia   CH   
35Lithuania   CH   
36Moldova   CH   
37Azerbaijan   CH   
38Latvia   CH   
39FYROM   CH   
40Kazakhstan   CH   
41Iceland   CH   
42Montenegro   CH   
44Albania   CH   
45Malta   CH   
46Wales   CH   
47Estonia   CH   
48Northern Ireland   CH   
49Luxembourg   CH   
50Armenia  CH    
51Faroe Islands  CH    
52Andorra  CH    
53San Marino  CH    

Q1: First qualifying round
Q2: Second qualifying round
Q3: Third qualifying round
PO: Play-off round
TH: The holders
CH: Champions
RU: Runners-up
N3: Third-placed side
N4: Fourth-place side

*Liechtenstein do not have a league system and therefore do not supply UEFA Champions League representative(s)

2013/14 UEFA Champions League draw schedule
DateLocationDraw details
24/06/13, 12.00CETNyonFirst and second qualifying round
19/07/13, 12.00CETNyonThird qualifying round
09/08/13, 11.45CETNyonPlay-off round
29/08/13, 17.45CETMonacoGroup stage
16/12/13 12.00CETNyonRound of 16

21/03/14, 12.00CET

2013/14 UEFA Champions League match calendar
First qualifying round, first leg02-03/07/13
First qualifying round, second leg09-10/07/13
Second qualifying round, first leg16-17/07/13
Second qualifying round, second leg23-24/07/13
Third qualifying round, first leg30-31/07/13
Third qualifying round, second leg06-07/08/13
Play-off round, first leg20-21/08/13
Play-off round, second leg27-28/08/13
Group stage, matchday one17-18/09/13
Group stage, matchday two01-02/10/13
Group stage, matchday three22-23/10/13
Group stage, matchday four05-06/11/13
Group stage, matchday five26-27/11/13
Group stage, matchday six10-11/12/13
Round of 16, first leg18-19/02/14 or 25-26/02/14
Round of 16, second leg11-12/03/14 or 18-19/03/14
Quarter-finals, first leg01-02/04/14
Quarter-finals, second leg08-09/04/14
Semi-finals, first leg22-23/04/14
Semi-finals, second leg29-30/04/14
Final (Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Lisbon)24/05/14

Last updated: 10 October 2013