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Enrique praises Barcelona's 'risk-taking'

Luis Enrique lauded FC Barcelona for going for the kill against Manchester City FC, saying "I prefer to take that risk", with Manuel Pellegrini adamant exit is "not a failure".

Highlights: Barcelona oust Man City in 2015

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique delighted after 3-1 aggregate defeat of Manchester City
Enrique describes Wednesday as a "special night for us and the fans"
City manager Manuel Pellegrini: "I don't feel it's a failure to be out"
Quarter-final draw on 20 March in Nyon from 12.00CET

Luis Enrique, Barcelona coach
I think tonight was a special night and a very positive one for us and the fans. We achieved our objective and we didn't gamble with the result. We had endless chances to score. We could have closed the match out before that penalty came along. In the second half we created loads of chances but we had a spectacular Joe Hart in goal. However, it was a fantastic night for us and now we have to wait for the draw. Lionel Messi, we all know what he is like. For me he is part of football history and of course he's an asset for us.

We were asking the players to keep calm but when they see there's a chance to score they just go for it without thinking. We wanted to have the ball a lot more for a lot longer, but if the opponent doesn't let you then I prefer to go for goal and to take a risk. I would run that risk every week quite happily.

I didn't enjoy the match as a coach because a coach always has to think about complications and to be prepared for that. I enjoy the games afterwards when I analyse them. I haven't spoken to [Josep] Guardiola but I saw he was at the ground. I don't know if we'll get a chance to speak but we will exchange messages, I am sure. As for the draw, we shall see.

Manuel Pellegrini's assessment of the second leg

Manuel Pellegrini, Manchester City manager
I am not happy with tonight's match compared with the first leg. Barcelona played very well with an outstanding Messi. I don't feel it's a failure to be out of the Champions League but it is a disappointment. Unfortunately we played against Barcelona and right now they are a stronger side.

We knew what we had to do tonight and that was to score two goals so we had to take risks. Joe Hart made very good saves and if we had scored that penalty it would have been a different match. We have six points fewer than Chelsea in the league and now we have to focus on that. It's a disappointment not to continue in the Champions League but we will recover and pursue the league title. Football is also about luck and the penalty would have possibly changed the last 20 minutes of the match.

We played against Bayern and Barcelona last season. We lost in Germany in the last minute but both teams are very strong. Then Barça [this season], who have Messi in their ranks. Both clubs are used to being in the final stages of the competition.

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