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Lionel Messi on Barcelona v Bayern

Lionel Messi made a rare appearance in FC Barcelona's pre-match press conference; see what he had to say about Josep Guardiola and the task of facing FC Bayern München.

Lionel Messi at the pre-match press conference
Lionel Messi at the pre-match press conference ©Getty Images

On Josep Guardiola ...
Guardiola knows us all very well and we were fortunate enough to win lots of titles under him. He's the kind of coach that analyses everything so he will know all about the Barcelona players who weren't here when he was. I haven't kept in touch regularly with Pep since he left. I had a great relationship with him when he was here though.

I was lucky enough to play with impressive players [under Guardiola] and I am lucky to play with great players now. We feel fine on and off the pitch and enjoy ourselves when we play.

I try to keep everything I have learnt from day one as a footballer with me. What I achieved with Guardiola was brilliant. I grew and learnt a lot and I still want to grow and learn about football. Guardiola knows us and we know him very well too. We know what he asks of his team and his players.

Iniesta on Guardiola

I would expect the crowd to cheer for Pep because he won everything while he was coach here. Once the match starts then the fans will cheer for us as normal.

I don't like comparing coaches. Every one of them is different and we expect changes when one coach leaves and another arrives. Both Luis Enrique and Pep try to be close to the players and create a good group.

On Bayern ...
We're in the semis against a strong side in Bayern. We don't like the way we lost against them previously [in the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League semi-finals] but the teams are different and this match will be different to that one too.

We don't have excuses now and neither do Bayern. I know they have injuries but Bayern are such a big club they can't complain about that.

I don't know if playing with a protective mask will go against [Robert] Lewandowski. Lots of players have played with masks and if the club thinks he can play, then there won't be a problem.

Ter Stegen speaks

On his Barcelona team-mates ...
My relationship with Luis Enrique is normal and good like it is with the rest of the team. There are no problems.

The coach decided to share the matches like that between keepers. Ter Stegen surprised me from day one because he has excellent talent. Nowadays we have the fortune to count on two great keepers.

I think that when you have players like Luis Suárez and Neymar, players of their quality, it’s easy to get on very well. Luis adapted very fast to the team and we all get on very well.

On his aims for the season ...
Last season we didn't reach this stage and now we're eager to play and reach another final.

The feelings we have are very good because of the way we're playing. We feel calm too and are taking things step by step. We know there's not long to go until the end of the season and we know we need to keep calm.

I don't know if this is a special time or not but it is approaching the end of the season and it's important because we can win titles. What makes this season special is that we are fighting for all three titles. Last season we didn't win any so this season we want to win important trophies.

We still have important games before Berlin so it's early to think about the final and lifting the Champions League trophy. All we can think about is beating Bayern to reach that final.

I don't know who the favourite is. I don't think there is one. Both sides have great players that are used to playing these games. Of course it's important to get a good result at home. We always play to win and we want to go into the return leg with a good result.

Magical Messi goals

I think Barcelona adapted well to the new coach, we went from less to more. Now we're on top form and excited about winning the title we're so close to. We are in very good form now.

No one is under any extra pressure but both clubs are aiming to reach the final. We are always under obligation to win it all because of the greatness of the club. I would talk more about obligation than pressure.

The coach gave me the freedom to move around as I wish in attack. I have the freedom to play open and move into the centre, but it depends on the match.

Last season was tough for me on and off the pitch. I was unlucky enough to sustain injuries and return but not feel as comfortable as I wanted. Lucky enough this season was different and I feel a lot better.

I consider myself to be one more player in this team. We all want the same thing which is to win titles. We all have the right to feel the way we want and be comfortable with that.

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