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Florenzi talks us through his Roma stunner

A week on from Alessandro Florenzi's stunning strike against Barcelona, the Roma man is still buzzing as he talks UEFA.com through the goal and his emotions around it.

Alessandro Florenzi speaks to UEFA.com
Alessandro Florenzi speaks to UEFA.com ©UEFA.com

If you had guessed who would dominate the headlines on UEFA Champions League matchday one, Alessandro Florenzi might not have been near the top of the list. Or even the middle.

Roma were trailing Barcelona 1-0 and being outplayed when attacking midfielder-cum-right-back Florenzi received the ball in his own half. He advanced to the touchline and, still more than 50 metres out, produced a stunning lob over Marc-André ter Stegen that secured a point.

The standing ovation took minutes to subside and for the 24-year-old – who has been at home town club Roma since he was 11 – the emotions have run strong for far longer. Florenzi sat down with UEFA.com to discuss the goal.

Feelings as he watched the goal go in ...
There were various emotions. The first one was when I saw the ball flying towards goal, that was a great thing. Then I got the feeling that the ball could even go in. And when I saw the ball going in and the fans going crazy, that was one of the greatest emotions I have felt playing football.

What made him decide to shoot ...
I saw that the goalkeeper was standing outside his box, and there weren't many other options, so destiny made me score that beautiful goal. Instinct, craziness and heart [the words Florenzi used to describe the moment immediately after the game], those are characteristics that describe me a bit in football, but also in my private life.

Now we know what was being said here ...
Now we know what was being said here ...©AFP/Getty Images

The celebration ...
I remember the first one to come over was Daniele [De Rossi], and I was just filled with surprise and disbelief. It's something that doesn't happen every day. [Francesco Totti] and Daniele are symbols of Roma. I have been trying to follow their example, and if I could follow their footsteps I would be very proud, and I would try not to disappoint them.

What his team-mates said ...
Daniele shouted 'crazy', because I tried that shot, but then he complimented me about it. And to receive compliments from him and Francesco – that was a fantastic feeling.

In the dressing room afterwards ...
It was nice to leave the pitch with that result. To get a draw in a match like that was difficult, because we were playing against the strongest team in the world. I honestly thought more about the result than my equaliser. Barcelona's style of play is unique. They play at 200kph, and pass the ball around until they find the hole to score a goal. And in attack they have those three players who speak for themselves.

Sat alongside Florenzi as he recalled the week before was Morgan De Sanctis, who watched it from the bench before replacing injured keeper Wojciech Szczęsny

Morgan De Sanctis came off the bench for Roma
Morgan De Sanctis came off the bench for Roma©Getty Images

Morgan De Sanctis's thoughts ...
It was a masterpiece in technique and flight. From the bench you couldn't really see that the ball was going in. But I had a feeling it would when I saw Ter Stegen was worried. Then the ball hit the post and went into the net, and that caused great excitement for all of us, for the whole stadium. It was a great situation, a fantastic moment.

In a situation like that it is completely unexpected. But thinking about it, you have to recognise that he has skills and physical and technical qualities different to other players. He has scored spectacular goals before, it's not something new. But that goal, of course, tops the lot.

I hope he will score even more of those beautiful goals but there won't be more like that one. The fact that it happened against Barcelona on matchday one of the Champions League at home in front of our fans – that is just the cherry on the cake.

©Getty Images