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Lewandowski on goals, Guardiola, Bayern-Arsenal

Robert Lewandowski talks about his incredible scoring run, why he is not paying attention to it, how he keeps trying to improve and Bayern München's double-header with Arsenal.

Lewandowski wary of Arsenal

UEFA.com: You are being asked so often about your current run – what do you still have to say about it?

Robert Lewandowski: It's part of the 'media job'! I have to repeat myself sometimes, but would rather go home and focus on the next match. But I am aware that people still talk and write about it. I am trying to switch off and not follow it too much. It's more important to focus on my training sessions, to work hard there and to put my energy in the next game – how to score more goals, how to win. That's what I try to focus on instead.

I am a grounded, cool-headed person in this respect. I recognise that some balance is needed. There are other people who will write about it, talk about it or make public statements.

UEFA.com: How important is confidence for a striker and do you have to win a psychological battle against an opposing defender?

Lewandowski: You always need to believe in your ability. I always know that there will be goalscoring opportunities. It is a matter of time before I start converting them into goals. I am very happy with this run and hope it continues. I know this is possible and I am working hard on it, as I've always done.


UEFA.com: What parts of your game are natural and instinctive to you and what are the things you have had to work on?

Lewandowski: I am trying to improve every aspect of my game – even if I feel that I may have achieved excellence in it. It's the nature of football that you need to keep improving. You need to systematically work on all aspects.

Instinct does the trick sometimes but there are times when you can build routine in some parts of your game at the training ground. If you work hard and focus on details, you may not even realise it but you start doing certain things automatically in the match. That's the beauty of football. Even if my right foot is better than the left one, I need to work hard on both of them.

Lewandowski: My Magic Moment

UEFA.com: Does Josep Guardiola approach you differently when you score more goals?

Lewandowski: I don't think so. It's the same. I'm sure he is happy with my goals but he also wants me to play good football and help my team-mates. I know that I don't have to score in every single game for the coach to be happy with my performance. Sometimes my movements on the pitch are more important for him, how I exploit the space and how I generally perform.

Goals not only help me but the whole team. They're something the coach doesn't just expect from me. I am not a striker who is only waiting in the penalty box to score a goal. I move, make passes and look for opportunities for others.

UEFA.com: Bayern appear to be in cruise control in Group F. How do you assess the upcoming matches against Arsenal – a team who need victories and who love to play possession football?

Lewandowski: We are looking forward to this double-header. Arsenal remain very strong opponents. They haven't got a point in the Champions League yet and they urgently need to start getting some. Also against us.

They won't be easy opposition to beat. Sometimes it's easier to face a team that enjoys a passing game, doesn't just park the bus and defend all the time. It might be an interesting fixture but I hope Bayern will be victorious.